Caught on Camera – Drunk Goan Passengers Harassing a Female Co-passenger on Qatar Airways Flight

There are not many cases of Goans getting involved into such activities but the exceptions cannot be ruled out here. This looks to be one such case that came to the light following the video clip posted on social media by the Arab Times Kuwait. The video clip shows that one of the two passengers on board  Qatar Airways had indulged in physical harassment of a female co-passenger.

According to the sources, a Female passenger on Qatar Airways complained about being physically harassed by two drunk Goan passengers on board which came to light, when the following video went viral on the social media. The event was first reported by the Arab Times in Kuwait.

In the following video clip, you can see the female passenger complaining to the Air Hostess to change her seat, as one of the Goan guy, who is appeared to be in a drunken state started misbehaving with her by touching her inappropriately,  despite the Air Hostess making the passenger understand, his unruly behaviour continued.


A lot of inter continental flights offer drinks on board. These are sometimes taken undue advantage of my some travelers, who let go of their senses and trouble their co-passengers. Goans have a reputation of being honest and hospitable. But some unruly persons spoil that. Take a look at this video clip here…      

Video Credits: Arab Times Kuwait

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