Casinos are here stay? Delta Corp gets another Casino license in Goa

Jaidev Modi, one of the biggest player in the casino business in India is spreading his business empire in Goa bigtime. His vision is to create the destination such as Singapore and Macau are not a distant story anymore. he is the player who plays only to win.

After his recent claim of creating the destination like Singapore and Macau Jaidev Modi seems to have started taking one step at a time in the direction of fulfilling his claims. According to the news published in the Calvinayre Portal, it has been confirmed that the government of Goa has allotted one more Casino license to Delta Corp owned by Jaidev Modi. The Casino news portal has also quoted that, “Delta announced that it had been granted a license to operate a casino at its Deltin Suites hotel in Goa. Delta says the five-star, 106-room hotel will offer a variety of casino games, including blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.”

Mr. Jaidev Modi had recently announced his plans of setting up more casinos in Goa on the grounds of 30% growth taking place in the casino business every year. “I think it will be short of capacity if we stay offshore for another 4 to 5 years from now, it can be substituted with adding bigger ship into the fleet but the huge growth of 5 to 10 times in another 10 years will be a major challenge in front of us,” Said Jaidev Modi. The only solution to this according to him is to create the destination like Singapore and Macau in Goa and create the multiple resorts and Casinos here to fill up space.

Delta being one of the major dominant players in the casino business having two operational floating casinos, Deltin Royale, and Deltin Jack and the third one is Deltin Caravela which is under renovation at the moment,  will soon have its fourth Casino on shore at Deltin Suites. This is happening despite the challenge from the Goa Government to stop the local people from entering the casinos except for work purpose it might be the biggest challenge in front of casino owners if the government proposal gets implemented as no locals will be able to play in those casinos.

Deltin is not only targeting the Goa market but it is also spreading the tentacles across the other state which has the permission of casino operation in India and one such place is Daman which was the part of Goa Union Territory before Goa attained its statehood. According to the reports, Deltin is in the process of installing the new gaming facility in Daman where they already have their resort, which was set in Daman in 2014. Deltin is putting up around 60 thousand sqft of Casino which will contain around 1500 gaming positions, the report says.


The former chief minister of Goa Shri Manohar Parriakar after coming to power had promised that there will be no more casino licenses will be alloted to any more casinos in Goa and during his tenure only deltin group managed to set up two offshore casinos in Goa and the third one they recently took over from Advani Ventures which is still under renovation and Once that gets operational the Delta Corp will have three offshore casinos and one onshore in Goa besides their existing presence in Daman.

The casinos are here to stay, it generates the biggest chunk of revenue for government treasury which is getting empty day by day as a result of heavy pilferages in the accounts at various stages, and hence it will not be correct to blame the government alone. We need to check what percentage of Goans play on these casinos and how many gets the employment from it. The stopping of casino operation in Goa will not affect alone the players but also the employees and the government treasury. We need to think on this issue seriously. How many of you are against the casinos in Goa? What is the reason? If you wish to convey your message across to the casino operators and government please GO HERE .

Source: Various Sources

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