Casino license termination not possible it will send wrong message to the investors says BJP

The casino is one of the biggest challenges that BJP government is facing since the time they took over the reins of Goa. One section of the society is against the Casino culture while the other is supporting it. Meanwhile, the state government has made the announcement that they will not shift the Casinos from Mandovi. Is the decision of the government is wrong? Read the complete news here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] State government on Monday made the statement that they will not be shifting the Casinos from River Mandovi since their decision may result in sending the wrong message to the investors. Government treasury is empty and at this juncture, it cannot let go the existing investments and recurring income.

BJP president Vinay Tendulkar was speaking with the media over the casino issue. He told the media that party cannot go against its own government and demand the shifting of Casinos out of the River Mandovi, as the termination of the Casino license will send the wrong signals to the prospective investors desirable to invest in the state.

Party president told the media that “If we arbitrarily suspend or terminate the operation of these off-shore casinos, then it will send the wrong signal to investors. People may have to rethink on investing in the State.”

But he said that they are in the process of identifying the new location for the Casinos. “We had identified some places, but then the local bodies and people objected,” he said. When the media asked him as why his party had assured to shift the casinos without identifying alternate locations, Tendulkar said, “You give us an alternative location; we will shift the off-shore casinos.”


Tendulkar said that the party cannot revolt against its own government. He was answering to the question of media as why the government made false promises to the people of Goa in its 2012 election manifesto that they will remove these vessels from the river. “How can we protest against our own government? ” he asked in return.

It may be recalled that AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal had alleged in this speech at a public rally in Campal that BJB had made false promises to the people of Goa giving the example of Casinos that were not shifted as assured by this government before coming to the power.

Source: Heraldo


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