Car driver drags the scooter from Panaji to Dona Paula after dashing against it parked along the roadside

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This may be one of the most shocking and yet amusing cases wherein, apparently, the drunken driver managed to drag the scooter that he dashed in Panaji for several kilometers till Dona Paula. The distance from Panaji to Dona Paula is approximately 5KM and that is all the way the driver said to have dragged the parked scooter clamped on his car after dashing against it in the wee hours of Friday. Who is this driver and what exactly happened? read the complete story here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The accidents due to drunken driving are common in the state of Goa. Many drunken people drive their own vehicles in the early morning after finishing off the long night parties. But this case seems to be little strange and perhaps difficult to believe. According to the report published by the local daily The Navhind Times, in an apparent case of drunken driving a car dragged two-wheeler parked in the city several kilometers till Dona Paula in the early morning of Friday.

According to the reports, this incident took place at around 4am on Friday. The driver of the car Sanjit Mondal (34) is said to be seriously injured and undergoing the treatment at GMC (Goa Medical Collage and Hospitals) said the police sources. Police have informed that Mondal is a native of Bengal presently residing at Dona Paula.

According to the sources, the car that was driven by Mondal apparently under the influence of liquor and it was proceeding from Panaji Divja Circle to Dona Paula. While the car reached near the offshore casino entry point it dashed against the scooter that was parked along the roadside, said the police.

After the bang, the scooter got trapped in the front section of the car, however, the driver did not stop and kept driving with scooter dragging along the road till Dona Paula, said the police. Police said to have recovered the car from Dona Paula little distance away from the hospital. Both the car and scooter have been badly damaged said the police.


According to the police, it has not yet cleared as what exactly happened and whether the car driver was under the influence of Alcohol.  The police speculate that after reaching near his residence in Dona Paula the driver removed two-wheeler and kept it aside and he was in the process of fleeing however after driving for some more distance he lost the control of car met with an accident by banging on the divider near the hospital.

Panaji police are investigating the case and the final reports are awaited. But this is a very serious challenge for the police and they need to do something about the drunken driving in the state. Goa being the party place, many keeps partying the whole night long and later on they drive back home under the influence of liquor. This is not the hidden fact anymore. Most of the late night parties take place on the weekends and being aware of this situation if police keep the entries and exits to the city under the check many cases might get surfaced. Although this is the matter of discretion but it is necessary. Do you have a different opinion? Do let us know.

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