Caps’s Corner

Established in 1995, this home grown labour of love, Cap’s Corner, was initially meant to be a retirement abode, which somehow intrigued vacationers & passers-by on the lookout for that affordable, homely setup. Curiosity got the better of them & left them overwhelmed as we: Capy, Carmen & Clayton made them feel at home with true Goan hospitality. Our Story Soon began a stream of steady guests & today, Cap’s Corner has become akin to a home away from home for people across the globe. We attribute it to our warm and friendly nature, treating everyone like family. Conveniently located Cap’s Corner boasts of a central location, nestled along the famous Calangute-Baga road, Goa’s most happening and lively street. Pick from an array of restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, shops etc. to suit your requirement. Whether you enjoy hitting the party circuit, scouting for interesting souvenirs or lazing on the beach – everything is a stroll away.

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[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Non Ac – [/su_highlight]Mainly non air-conditioned & situated on the first floor, these rooms are designed for the traveler with a smaller budget. We have all the basic amenities fitted into these rooms and a cosy ambience to make you feel at home.



[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Semi-standard -[/su_highlight] This category has all the same amenities as our Standard rooms, the only difference being that our Semi-Standard rooms are a bit smaller in size.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Semi-standard -[/su_highlight]Air conditioned, our standard rooms are perfect for the budget minded looking for a little extra comfort in which to unwind. Fitted with all amenities, these rooms are our top sellers.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Deluxe -[/su_highlight] Our “budget suites”, situated on the first floor, are spacious & come with big balconies – the largest among the other categories.

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[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Open air restaurant -[/su_highlight]  charming mosaic – tiled rooftop terrace restaurant makes for many unforgettable moments. Perched among the tree tops, all seem calm & the view pleasant.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Rooftop restaurant – [/su_highlight]at night Choose from our numerous breakfast and lunch options during the day and wine and dine into the night as the night sky transforms rooftop restaurant into a tranquil, scenic and memorable dining experience.

[su_highlight background=”#1c58eb” color=”#fafcfc”]Goan Delicacies – [/su_highlight]A true Goan holiday is incomplete without a truly Goan meal. From the Vindalo to the lobsters, our chefs put a unique spin on authentic Goan cuisine to serve you with delectable delights, catered to your tastes.

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