Canacona teenager gang fear is growing amongst locals, businesses in Palolem has shut down out of fear


Canacona teenager gang fear started mounting in the locality. The local residents, tourist and businessmen from Canacona are shocked at the increasing incidents of a gang assaulting people. These gangs are seen vandalizing establishments and committing theft across the town and beach area. The situation has now gone to such an extent that the establishments, around Palolem are being shut out of fear. The situation has gone out of control and locals are shocked as of how this is happening so instantly. Here is the further report of the situation of the people living in and around this area.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] As complained by the residents, from last three weeks, a gang of 30-odd people have been causing havoc in their lives. Tensed locals have called for the public meeting at the Palolem Youth Club on Saturday. The meeting will be attended by citizens and government representatives, including the mamlatdar and Superintendent of Police. People are actually upset over the consequences that the taluka may face due to this mess.

As said by the Canacona PI Filomena Costa, the police are monitoring the situation and cases have already been booked against two persons, Konoya Pagi and Vikant Bhagat. He also claimed that this was the work of notorious history-sheeters.

In one such case booked on the alleged accused is when, Pagi had allegedly gone to a house and attacked a man with a sword, and in another case, Bhagat had attacked the staff of a restaurant after demanding food to be served when the place was shut.

Locals have said that the gang damages the establishments and robs people. Gang also ransack places after they were shut and transport the stolen goods and money outside the border immediately , so that nobody finds any trace of their actions thereby making it difficult for police to trace them.

The group formed by the Canacona locals called as ‘Jagruk Committee’ have held the meetings with the police and DySP, where they wanted to convey that they were supporting the police and that the strongest action has to be taken against the gang. As declared by the locals, they are not scared of the gang and would stand up to this menace.

Arvind Desai, a senior citizen stated that, “We met the PI and DySP regarding the problems that Palolem and the rest of Canacona faced in the recent tourist season, including a bunch of robberies, drug dealing, extortion, and assault on tourists. This is giving a bad name to Palolem. Already there are posts online of tourists warning other people that Palolem is unsafe.”

He has also appealed to all Canacona locals to attend Saturday’s meeting so that locals can tell the authorities the problems they are facing.

Source: Heraldo



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