Campal heritage area in Panaji to be converted into pay parking zone


Implementation of pay parking zones in Panaji city remains distant dream with no practical steps taken by CCP into the matter as yet. The only benefit is reaped by the private agency who has taken the contract of putting locks on the vehicles not parked in proper parking zones and the money is supposedly shared between Municipal Corporation and the agency. But surprisingly Campal area which away from the main city and which hardly has much traffic coming there will soon be declared as a Pay Parking Zone.

According to the news published by the local daily Navhind Times “The visitors travelling in their vehicles to directorate of health services, Francisco Luis Gomes Garden, a hotel as well as a restaurant, and Military Hospital, besides other places in the Campal area, will soon have to shell out money for parking their vehicles in this area”. Sanjit Rodregues, the commissioner of the Corporation of the City Panaji, on Tuesday affirmed that the Campal are will come under the pay parking zone once the councilors of the corporation gives green signal for the same.

He was narrating the media about the plans of pay parking setup in Campal area, he informed that the notification in this regards have been already issued and as soon as the tender inviting formalities are completed, the contract will be handed over to the successful bidders. “We have floated the tender inviting contractor to handle pay parking in a number of city areas including Campal,” he observed, pointing out, “I am now waiting for a nod from the councilors as they need to give final approval,” he added.

The implementation of the new policy will convert the entire Campal Heritage Zone into the pay parking area right from the directorate of health services to Francisco Luis Gomes Garden to the Military Hospital. According the available information all the residents of Campal area does have their own parking spaces which also include them. Garages and hence conversion of the area into pay parking zone will not affect the It is the visitors who will have to pay the parking fees as per the standard rates which will be Rs. 4/- for two wheelers & Rs. 10/- for four wheelers for the first 4 hours and so on. The maximum fees will be Rs. 20/- for 4 wheelers for 12-24 hours.

The Mayor of the city Shubham Chodankar informed the media that they have not decided the implementation dates as yet, “No date can be set for implementing the pay parking project in Campal area, unless and until a contractor is selected and appointed to run the project”. He said. However he affirmed that there is no need to have another meeting of councilors into this matter as the project has already been go ahead by the council.

The notification in this regards have been already signed by the North Goa Collector Nila Mohanan to authorize the errection of traffic signboards at the designated places in the notification.  The locations which have decided to install the signboards are near Rui House, Dr Lily House, Margot House, Francisco Luis Gomes Garden, Tony and Ricardo House, directorate of health services, Ted Mesquita House, Tereza House, Zizinia House, Popley House, Joe Mathias House, Derrick and Wendyll House, Agencia Sequeira, Agnelo Pinto House, Military Hospital, Bossuet House, Hotel Campal, Armando Gonsalves, Peregrine and Assistencia.

The North Goa Collector had also sought a compliance report of the same by July 10. The CCP Commissioner said that the compliance report pertains to the activities taken up by the Corporation as regards implementing the pay parking project.

Though the implementation has already started but how successful this project will be, only time will tell. But the implementation will surely help the CCP to raise some more revenue and use the same into the development program of the city. But the mystery remains unsolved as why they have not yet started the implementation of this idea in the main city, like 18th June Road, M G Road and other such important roads which are full of vehicles improperly parked throughout the day, double parking is another nuisance faced by the people. Why is that CCP not looking into this serious matter? Till when they will lock the vehicles and extract money instead of providing proper pay parking facilities in the city? Please do leave your comments and suggestion on this serious issue at the end of this article.

Source: NT    

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