Calangute police busted international sex racket and arrested three people involved in the trafficking and rescued two girls in which one is supposed to be a minor and another one is a foreigner, said the Calangute PI Jivba Dalvi

Calangute seems to have become the hub of sex racket with numerous cases involving flesh trade is being got unearthed on a regular basis. This is the third case within just a weeks time wherein the Calangute police have rescued girls from the flesh trade.

According to the Calangute police, on the receipt of the information that two girls will be delivered to the two customers at Naikawado, Calangute police laid a trap. Based on the information, the procurer namely Uttam Behera resident of Jagatsihgpur in Orissa and two customers, Deepkumar Verma and Prakash Vaidyanathan both resident of Gurgaon, Haryana met near the hotel in Naikawaddo where police were already waiting for them. before the pimps and customers realize what is going on the police managed to caught hold of them.

After arresting the trio, the police rescued two girls from the sex racket. “We received the information yesterday about the deal and managed to arrest three people involved in the trafficking and rescued two girls,” said Mr. Dalvi adding that “Upon the investigation we came to know that one of them is a foreign national and another girl is a minor but she was forced into the prostitution by the trafficker. It was further revealed that the pimp Uttam Behera provided the minor girl with fake voter ID card in order to conceal her actual age.”

The procurer had come into the four-wheeler along with the victim girls to struck the deal with the customers near one hotel in Naikawaddo, said the Calangute police. “We were informed by our sources that one four Wheeler will come with two girls and accordingly we laid the trap and waited for them to come,” said Mr. Dalvi.

The most shocking thing revealed by the Calangute PI Mr. Jivba Dalvi was the use of the minor girls in this racket. “The accused had provided the fake ID card to one of the girls mentioning her age 24 years but in the investigation, she confessed that she was born in 2001 which means she is minor and just 16 years old,” said Mr. Dalvi.

The Calangute police have booked the accused under various sections including, section 370, 370 (3) , 370-A , 420 r/ w 34 of IPC and section 4 , 5, and 7 of Immoral trafficking Act, section 8(2) of Goa Children act and section 8 of POCSO Act(protection of children from sexual offences) Police successfully attached the original ID card of girl wherein it is revealed that she is a minor. Accordingly, police have added section 420 of IPC into the crime. Also, police have attached car bearing no GA 03  R 3327 and motorcycle bearing no GA 03 Q 2110, six Mobile phones and cash and other articles.       

Both the girls have been sent to a protective home for safe custody. The accused pimp Uttam Behera has earlier been arrested twice by Crime Branch Goa in similar crimes. The team was led by PI Jivba Dalvi and consisted of PSI’s Videsh Pilgaonkar, Mahesh Naik, Kirtidas Gaude, Sitaram Malik, head constable Subhash Malvankar, police constables Francis, Sameer Naik, Swapnil, Shreyas and NGO member Smt Andrea Pereira of Savera and other.

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