Calangute MLA Promises Galore of Schemes to Calangutekar if Elected to Power in 2017 Assembly Elections

Vijay Sankalp Rally is the pre-election campaigning organized by Goa Pradesh BJP unit to re-affirm their victory in the forthcoming assembly poll. This rally was organized at Calangute and participated by all the key members of BJP core committee including the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’souza. Calangute MLA Micheal Lobo was addressing the people of Calangute from the Podium made the big promises before the Calangutekar.

Although BJP is the only party which has the full confidence of getting the absolute majority in the forthcoming election but it looks like as if they still want to the reassurance of the same from the people of Goa and Vijay Sankalp Rally is perhaps the medium of the same. In this rally, Mr. Parrikar was seen making the appeal before the people of Calangute to re-elect the Calangute MLA once again to keep the development of town going. He placed the confidence on the people of Calangute saying that. his party is sure of getting the majority in the state assembly this time “I Call for the people of Goa to assure the victory of BJP this time with an absolute majority in the 40 seat Goa Assembly,” he said.

According to the sources, the Calangute seat has become very challenging this time due to the bad experience of Calangute residents in the past. The road work which is going for past three years is not yet completed and all the people connected with hospitality business are grumbling about the same. This made Micheal Lobo’s chances of victory little dim, said the sources. 


Mr. Lobo assured the people of Calangute from the podium of Vijay Sankalp Rally that, if elected to the power this time he will complete all the pending work of people of Calangute. “I assure the people of Calangute that, whatever work is pending will be completed. Not only related to the development of the constituency but, I will also complete all your personal work of the people of Calangute which may include your employment or self-employment related work, I will do it all,” said Mr. Lobo adding that “I will also help the people of Calangute in the construction of their guest houses and I also assure to the people of Calangute that, I will get the clearance from the Delhi for the structures built by you in the CRZ Zone.”      


He also made the claims of making the Calangute area completely garbage free. “I assure you that Calangute constituency will become Goa’s first garbage-free city,” he averred. he also gave the full records of the garbage bins installed at the various places in the Calangute constituency.


Meanwhile, the people of Calangute have some different opinion about the existing development in the Calangute constituency. We are referring to one of the post on the social media which shows the present struggle of the Calangutekar with garbage situation.


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