Bus wreckages of Mahad bridge tragedy recovered from the Savitri River

After almost a week long intensive search operation finally today, the wreckages of one out of two buses were found around 200 meters away from the accident spot where the bridge was ruptured. According to the sources, the wreckages of one of the bus is found in two pieces the roof and chassis. Read the full story here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]The two pieces of one of the bus that fell into the water on 3rd August after the Mahad Bridge collapsed was recovered by the rescue team on Thursday. The bus was broken into two pieces with roof separated from the chassis claimed the sources. Out of the more than 100 people feared to drown in the accident only 26 bodies are recovered till date.

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An intensive search operation was going on for almost a week after the one of the most tragic road accident that took place in the state of Maharashtra on 3rd August 2016. The bridge that was built in British era had collapsed due to heavy rains in Maharashtra causing submerge of several vehicles into the river water. Hundreds of people went missing into the deep water leaving no traces behind.

wreckage of Bus in Mahad Accident recovered
wreckage of Bus in Mahad Accident recovered

The Naval team started the rescue operation from the next day morning recovering only two bodies. The search of rescue operation continued for more than a week recovering around 26 bodies out of more than 100 disappeared in the Savitri River. The two pieces, said to be the chassis and the roof of one of the buses, were found around 200 meters away from the spot where the bridge ruptured, said Commander Rahul Sinha, spokesman, Western Naval Command. “Our naval teams, comprising of specialist divers, have been scouring the area for the last eight days, assiduously hunting for wreckage and bodies of victims in 12-hour –a-day operations,” said Mr. Sinha, adding that spot diving was carried out despite the spectre of crocodiles and severely inclement weather with search teams negotiating the angry, swirling currents of the River Savitri.


Despite a number of false alarms of the retrieval of wreckage, this is the first confirmed instance where the body parts of the missing vehicles were salvaged. The last two days were disappointing for combing teams, who failed to recover either body of victims or parts of the missing vehicles. The combing operations, the biggest in scale in the Konkan region in recent times, is a joint effort of the jawans from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard who are greatly aided by the local expertise of the fishermen who often accompany search teams in their boats.

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The Maharashtra Government has declared the compensation of Rs. 10 Lakh to the families of each person who lost their lives in this accident. According to the sources, there are no possibilities of finding any survivor in this accident. The government is hoping that reducing the time period before declaring a person dead in absentia will help resolve some of the problems that their relatives might face.

Mahad Accident Bus 2

According to the sources, the Maharashtra government has also decided to conduct biannual audits of bridges in the state to avoid similar tragedies in future. “There are 2,300 bridges in the state. Of this, some 100-odd were built during the pre-Independence era,” said Patil. He added that it had been decided to conduct an engineering workshop for evolving fresh guidelines for road and bridge inspection work. Earlier on Wednesday, a public interest litigation had been filed before the Bombay High Court, seeking punitive action against the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and state government officials who conducted the structural audit of the British era bridge near Mahad in Raigad district.

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