Bus rams into house in south Goa, accident due brake failure, 15 injured

Bus Accident in Margao Image Source: NT

The Bus accidents are rampant in Goa; the major reasons behind these accidents are the rash and negligent driving and poor maintenance of the vehicles. The surprising thing here is that in spite of knowing the causes of the accident nobody takes the lessons from it. It looks like buses are not checked thoroughly by their owners as well as the RTO authorities before bringing the on the roads. It gives the clear indications that the proper norms and the guidelines are not followed while pressing the buses on the routes. If you check randomly, you will find that every second bus is having the worn out tyres, the indicators are non-fictional, none of them have proper facilities to deal with the medical emergencies and most of them don’t even have the first aid kit.

According to the available information, at least 15 passengers have suffered the minor injuries and five of them have got seriously injured which includes the motorcycle, pilot. The sources revealed the Sanguem bound bus was on its way to the destination but while it reached to Pajifond the driver lost the control while negotiating the turn and entered into the no entry after knocking down the motorcycle pilot and subsequently also crashed against the electrical pole and finally the wall of the old house near Khoja temple in Pajifond. This apparently had happened due to the failure in the braking system of the bus (as narrated by the driver).

One of the passengers, who got injured in this accident while traveling by the same bus has narrated that “Bus was making some cracking noise while on the slope of Hospicio Hospital in Margao and the driver lost the control over the speeding bus which subsequently turned over on one side, the impact was so sudden that we did not get time to uphold ourselves.

The accident took place at around 7 am in the morning while a bus was on its way to Sanguem from Margao via Hospicio route. The moment driver realized the failure in the braking system he alerted the passengers which created the commotion in the bus. The bus lost control due to being on the slope, on the way it hit the motorcycle pilot causing him serious injuries and then it hit the compound wall of old house belonging to Devraj Pangam, before turning on one side. The spectators said if the bus had gone down to the junction with the loaded passenger, it would have been the major accident.


After receiving the news, police rushed to the spot immediately to take stock of the situation and meanwhile fire brigade managed to remove the injured from the bus by breaking the windows glasses of the bus. Most of the local representatives visited the spot to find out the situation, which includes the local MLA, municipal councilors, and MMC chairperson. The traffic police managed the diversion effectively while the road is cleared by the fire brigade and the crane. Police said that upon investigation an offense under Section 279 and 337 of IPC has been registered for the rash and negligent driving. Police also said that an offense for damaging property and entering into a no entry area will be booked against the driver.

Such incidents are not only sad but very serious. The public transport operators cannot be allowed to play with the life with passengers. It is the job of the RTO and other concern departments to make sure that buses plying on the roads are following the safety measures and if required the inspection procedure needs to be made more severe and transparent so that nobody escapes the regulation norms. If it is not done in time more accidents will take place and next one could be more serious. Please do not forget to leave your honest comments on this issue.

Source: Various Sources

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