Burglars decamp cash of Rs 12 lakh from Navelim House

The audacity of thefts these days seems difficult to deal with. When a burglary is pictured, it is pictured at night under the cover of darkness but in recent years the majority of home burglaries happen during the day. The increase is most likely due to more women working outside the home leaving the house vacant. In a recent incident, in a broad daylight theft, cash and gold ornaments, worth around Rs, 12 lakh were stolen from a house at Navelim-Goa on Tuesday afternoon. The burglary took place when the occupants were not at home. The thieves entered the house by breaking open the front door. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]Upon a complaint by Sheela Parcekar, Margao Police visited the spot, conducted panchanama and registered a case. According to the sources, Margao Police said that Parcekar was at her shop while the children were at school when the theft was committed.

Adding to that Police also said that, after returning home, Parcekar found the front door broke open while two cupboards inside were ransacked with clothes and other materials thrown on the floor. A dog squad and fingerprint expert were also pressed into the service.

According to the Police, stolen valuables included cash of 1.45 lakh, besides a chain, bracelet, finger rings, and other gold items.

There are several steps to deter a burglar or to make it difficult for them to enter the house like hiding the valuables in secure locations instead of keeping it in cupboards, inside the house to prevent a thief from stealing your personal property. Installing a home alarm system to deter burglaries can also help. Taming dogs can also prevent burglary. These are tiny things that can help to save a house from burglary.


Recently according to a source, the security agency has asked the housing societies to install CCTV cameras for keeping vigilance. The agencies also advised the occupants not to keep their house keys with guards for safe keeping. If one, follows such advice, burglary can be prevented at a large extend.



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