Build Soak Pits or Forfeit Licence Health Officer to Restauranteur

Most of the cities in Goa are facing the problems of sewerage waste created by the restaurants across the state as all of them do not have proper soak pit facility and they keep discharging the polluted stuff into the nullah which ultimately gets into the river. The Mapusa Municipality has taken the cognizance of the same and issued the notices to such restaurants and there is a need of other municipal corporations also take similar steps. 

Although a Certificate of Environmental clearance is one of the necessities to obtain a license to open a restaurant, many of these establishments are run with these measures in place. A tea restaurant in Mapusa was caught discharging it’s waste and sewage water into the nullah, thereby causing an unbearable stench and unhygienic conditions.  The Health Inspector has warned that unless the restaurant builds a soak pit within eight days, its license will be revoked. Will authorities all across Goa take cognizance of similar polluting establishments?

In a recent incident, reported in Prudent Media, a tea-restaurant in Mapusa has been booked by the health officer for discharging their wastewater and sewage into the nearby nullah thereby causing not only pollution but an unbearable stench but unhygienic conditions as well.


Health inspectors came to inspect the place after people raised an objection to the restaurant discharging their wastewater into this water body.  According to residents, who came together to protest, water from this nullah flows into the rivers where they immerse Ganesh idols and with Shravan around the corner, they say it is imperative that this is stopped.

“Why are these restaurants issued licenses without proper provision for sanitation and wastewater disposal?  All these aspects need to be taken into consideration before licenses are issued,” they demanded, adding that they hoped that the new MLA Joshua D’Souza would meet their demands by asking the PWD to take cognizance and clear up the nullah forthwith.

The shop which is located in the market area was inspected by the Health Inspector who has issued a notice to the said restaurant and asked them to build a soak pit within two days or their licenses will be revoked.

He has also warned other restaurants in Mapusa of similar action if they do not construct soak pits within 8 days.

According to the Restaurant Times, a Certificate of Environmental Clearance is mandatory to obtain a license.  It states that the restaurant is not only responsible for ensuring the health of the customers, but they are also legally and morally bound to ensure that their operations harm nature. 

Source: Prudent Media | Posist

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