British woman’s death in Goa’s nightclub, UK police found out evidences of foul play

This is not the only case of mysterious death of a foreigner in Goa. Most of the cases involving the death of foreign nationals never reached to its conclusion in the state. This is one of the most controversial cases in which a British woman died in one of the nightclubs in Goa due to suspected brain hemorrhage. This is a case of UK national Denyse Sweeny (35), a charity worker who was found dead in the nightclub in mysterious conditions. This case took a new turn with the UK police claimed to have found pieces of evidence which prove the existence of foul play in her murder. What exactly happened in this case and why the UK police feel that there is a foul play in her death? Read the complete story here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] This incident took place in the year 2010 when Denyse Sweeney, 35, from Derby collapsed in a bar in Goa in April 2010 and died in a hospital an hour later.  At that time prima facie, the autopsy report of the victim was declared as death due to suspected drug overdose. But the family of the victim did not believe the same since they found 20 unexplained marks on her body which was directing towards only one thing that it was a cold-blooded murder.

The report published in the UK foremost daily ‘The Telegraph , The family, have been campaigning to remove her name and commissioned a toxicology report, which revealed at her examination in Derby in April 2011 that she had no illegal substances in her system. The results forced police in India to reopen the case, while Derbyshire police also began an investigation and ordered an examination by a Home Office pathologist. In 2012 a new inquiry was told that the initial investigation was so flawed, they may never establish how she died. But now the British pathologists have found the cause of death to be an injury to the back of Miss Sweeney’s head.

Following the disputed facts from the victim’s family in the month of July 2012, Goa Police reopened the case of Denyse Carol Sweeney and started the started a fresh investigation into the mysterious death of a British woman at a nightclub. The case registered at Anjuna police station in 2010 with the details of death stating that “A 35-year-old tourist Denyse Sweeney was found in an unconscious state at Primrose Club in Vagator on April 16, 2010. She died during treatment at a private hospital.”

During that time, as usual, Goa Police had registered a case of death due to `drug overdose’. But later when the case reopened, Goa police spokesperson said: “it appears that some unknown person committed murder of late Sweeney in the premises of Primrose Club, Vagator.” The spokesperson further stated that doctors who conducted autopsy could not ascertain the exact cause of death. “Same had remained doubtful and inconclusive,” the spokesperson said. Later, the body of Sweeney was sent to her native place, Derbyshire, after the autopsy in India.


It was only when the victim’s sister Maureen, (41) initiated a campaign seeking investigation suspecting foul play. The second autopsy conducted in Britain revealed no trace of alcohol or drugs in her body, according to Maureen. “The moment we read the words `drug overdose`, we said `no`We did not accept that at all. If we had known two years ago that whatever investigation was done by the police in India would have been so rubbish, we might have acted sooner,” she has been quoted as saying by the British press.

According to the sources, the victim Sweeny who fell on the floor at the nightclub in Vagator and subsequently died on the way to the hospital is now contemplated as death caused by a blow on the back of her skull. Miss Sweeney’s sister Maureen, 44, said that “The only missing piece of the jigsaw now is whether that head injury came about from an assault or a fall. We think it was an assault, but even if that is the case and we never find out who did it, we have at least cleared her name, which gives us an enormous amount of closure as a family and it was the main reason for taking the fight as far as we have so far.

Source: Various sources


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