In yet another shocking revelation made the by the accused Vikat Bhagat in the Canacona rape and murder case of a 25-year-old British national from Liverpool, Ms. Danielle McLaughlin, it has been surfaced that accused was known to the victim before her arrival to Goa this time. The accused has confessed in front of the police that, on her trip to Goa last year, Ms. Danielle McLaughlin had become his friend. But she used to call him brother. They would hang out but had never gone out of the area (Canacona) together. It was more like a local knowing a foreigner. This new development may lead to change the direction of the investigation said the sources.

A 25-year-old British National from the Liverpool Ms. Danielle McLaughlin was a backpacker in nature and she loved traveling and making friends across the world. Goa being one of the most sought after holiday destination she had landed here not knowing that this would be her final journey. Although this was not her first trip to Goa and she was on her vacation in Goa last year too. Based not the revelations made by the accused Vikat Bhagat, Danielle became his friend when she visited the Palolem last year on her trip to Goa.             

A full of life and young Irish girl was on her short vacation to Goa this time as she wanted to live her life to the fullest. But she was not aware that her journey to this beautiful tiny state would turn out to be the most devastating one. According to her holiday plans to India, Ms. Danielle McLaughlin landed in Goa on Thursday, 23 February 2017 and on her arrival, she had put up in the North Goa at Arambol Beach. According to the sources, the reason behind traveling to Canacona was the celebration of Holi (The Festival of Colours) and as per her plans, she came down to Canacona on the 12th March which was the Holi day.


Danielle, who knew the accused was in touch with him on the social media and she was also supposed to meet him when she is back in Palolem. According to some eyewitnesses in the shacks at Palolem had revealed that when she came to Palolem beach she was seen with few other men sitting in the shack but she did not drink with them. The Goa Police who is putting down the jigsaw puzzle of the CCTV footages together joining them piece by piece trying to get all the final movements of Ms. McLaughlin while she was in Palolem. According to the sources, She had been at the La La Land restaurant in the Dreamcatcher resort at about 5.30pm on Monday afternoon and was reportedly seen sitting with two or three men but she was not drinking with them.    

As per the narrations of one of the local person “We did not pay her much attention as it is a common sight to see foreigners with Indian men since the area is very popular with tourists. But she is believed to have then left with Bhagat and drank at several bars before reportedly heading to the Leopard Valley nightclub. According to the sources, a friend working in the accommodation business at nearby Agonda said Ms. McLaughlin had arrived in the area from Arambol on Sunday and stayed with another friend. He said she then told the friend that she was going to meet some people she had met on a previous trip to the country who were going to help her find accommodation at Palolem. Although they were not aware of the fact that it was the same history-sheeter, Vikat Bhagat.


She apparently roamed around with Vikat the whole day visiting various places in Palolem before she was finally spotted on the CCTV camera at a Shack in Ourem Palolem from where she left at around 9.30pm and the next day her undressed and the brutally assaulted body was recovered by the police. The Canacona Police discovered the body of British national Danielle on Tuesday morning at 8.30 am near Devbag beach 500 meters away from the main road in Canacona. The body was completely in undressed condition and appeared to be very badly beaten due to which she had suffered extensive injuries to her face and head. Ms. Andrea Brannigan the mother of a victim Danielle McLaughlin told the Daily Mail that her daughter would be ‘sadly missed’ as 200 mourners attended a vigil in her honor on Wednesday. Canacona police under the guidance of Quepem DySp Samy Tavares did the investigation of the case and rounded up few suspects and following the initial inquiry they narrowed down to the accused Vikat Bhagat. Initially, the accused denied the charges but following the police interrogation he spilled the beans out. He told everything to police as for why he killed the innocent Danielle.

Danielle who arrived in Goa on 23rd February initially stayed at the Arambol Beach at Pernem in North Goa before Coming down to the south Goa in Canacona on the last Sunday with her British friend. In Canacona on Sunday night she stayed at a Hotel in Agonda with her friend and on the next day she apparently left the friend at about 1 pm to meet the friends from her previous visit to Goa, suppose to be Vikat Bhagat. After meeting Vikat, they suppose to have moved around the Palolem beach area the whole day and from there they went to the beach bar which had organized the party to celebrate the Holi festival where they apparently began drinking.         

It has been claimed that the pair even had a row with a bar owner at about 9.30pm as they bought bottles of beer. They were then seen leaving together on Bhagat’s scooter. Poor Danielle was not aware that this was going to be her last journey on the scooter of the history sheeter Vikat Bhagat. Next day morning police recovered the body of Danielle from the field near Devbag beach around 500 meters from the main road. Meanwhile, the police were told by other party goers that Bhagat had been spotted with her and when they found the footage of the pair, they arrested him.  They then reportedly found her clothes packed in a bag dumped near Bhagat’s home. 


According to the sources, On February 22 Ms. McLaughlin revealed she was ‘off on another adventure’ to Goa as she wrote on her social media wall “Thank you to all my friends and family for making a home so special and always looking after me. I am very grateful and the luckiest person I know… Off on another adventure.’ After recovering her body from Devbag the police swung into action and searched the places around and caught the accused Bhagat who later confessed to his crime in a police interrogation. Police had revealed that the accused Bhagat is a history-sheeter and was found guilty of seven offenses. A worker at the Dreamcatcher resort where Danielle had reportedly visited the day before her murder told the police that he knew the accused person and that he is one of the biggest thieves of the area. He steals from foreigners only break into their rooms and loot everything. He scares outsiders who have set up their business here. He is a powerful person, by powerful I mean he scares people using a weapon. He is a nuisance to the society.’ 


The deceased Ms. McLaughlin had a tattoo engraved on her forearms which say ‘Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery’, and in fact, in reality, tomorrow remained the mystery of the poor soul as she could not guess that she is roaming with the most dangerous person she ever met.



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