Bring Down the Portals Promoting Goa as a Sex Destination

Goa has been portrayed as a Sex Destination on the national and international level by some website portals, and the reason behind rising crime against the women in the state is nothing but the image of Goa created on the online platform. To save the image of Goa in the international arena there is a need of bringing down these sex portals. 

Ten days ago, the Aam Aurat Aadmi Against Gambling had held a meeting to protest and filed a police complaint against a website which portrays Goa as a sex destination. Now once again Anyay Rahit Zindagi has once requested action against the website.  It is earnestly hoped that the authorities act to clamp down such sites to prevent Goa from sliding down into the bracket they are presenting it to be.

Over 10 days ago, Goa’s Aam Aurat Aadmi Against Gambling group had held a protest meeting and filed a police complaint against a website that explains to tourists how they can hook up with girls in Goa.  However, no action from the concerned authorities was forthcoming so far.   

Goa is being portrayed as a sex destination globally

According to the Times of India, in another move, an organization against trafficking of women, Anyay Rahit Zindagi, has requested action against the same website for providing misinformation about girls and women in Goa. In this respect, they have written to the administrator of the website, the crime branch, directorate of women and child development and the commission for women and protection of children and asked that action be taken in the matter.


In their complaint, the organization has stated that “the website portrays Goa as a sex destination and advises how to pick up tourist girls and how to hook up with local women in Goa. The website encourages to travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls in Goa.” The also pointed out that the website is creating a negative image of women and girls in Goa. and thus making them vulnerable to sexual violence.

It Creates the Negative Images of Goa amongst the tourists

In a recent article on the subject in Goa Prism (A Website is Portraying Goa as a Sex Destination in India) the growing menace of such websites was highlighted.  Sex tourism in Goa is being vigorously being promoted by such websites What was worse it pointed out is that law enforcement, licensing authorities and traders reliant on tourism such as taxi drivers and hotel workers have been turning a blind eye to the issue.

Will the authorities wake up to this very real threat not only to Goa’s image as a premier tourist destination, but also one that is making its own women and girls vulnerable?

Source: TOI

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