All Brand Ad Scam – With No Scope of Recovering Hard Earned Money Victims Gives Up their Hope

It looks like the seamsters are targeting Goa very aggressively. With several dozens of scams taking place in this tiny state, the police and government are virtually doing nothing. Several thousands of people in Goa had been duped by the various companies involved in the financial scams and till done no recovery has been done. The latest All Brand Ad Scam which has duped thousands of investors for several lakhs of rupees is now untraceable. How they have disappeared in the thin air nobody knows. What is this All Brand Scam is all about and how they conned the people of Goa. Read the complete report here.

According to the sources, the All Brand Ad Promotion company owned by the promoters named Sameer Virani and Rahul Singh was in the business of promoting various brands through their branding on the private cars and two wheelers and in the return company had promised to pay the Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) of the car/bike owners thus making the vehicles EMI free. The deal was very lucrative, as the company was ready to pay the EMI of the vehicle in the return of the publicity. Many Goans dived into this scheme without giving it a second thought.

But there was a catch in this scheme. According to the sources, the car owners had to pay the registration fees which was ranging from Rs. 25000 to 45000 depending on the model of vehicles and here the investors got robbed by the company. According to the reports, one businessman who had seen the fliers of the company had called the police control room to inform them about the suspicious activities but they directed him to the Cyber Crime Branch of Goa Police but they did nothing. “I informed them about what was cooking, but they didn’t bother to follow up,” Mudras told The Goan.

There is a trend wherein police prefers to wait for the crime to take place and then they initiate the action. Something similar had happened in this case too. The police did nothing till the company closed down their operations in the state and the promoters ran away after duping the investors. According to the sources, there were many discrepancies on their website which could have been easily seen by the Cyber Crime if they were willing to do so. The website of the company boasting of their tie-ups with the brands like Daewoo, Dodge, Mazda and of course Chevrolet. Out of the four, three of these brands are defunct.   


Further, the ‘team’ section of the website has seven team members, but they all share the same names either “John Doe” or “Jane Doe”. The poorly edited text of the website was also another giveaway. Also, branding on private vehicles is an area where the law is hazy but using a private vehicle for commercial purposes, was a violation.     

All Brand Promotion projected itself as an advertising company which would offer clients Rs. 9,000 per month or more in return for using their vehicles as a mobile advertising billboard. The catch lay in the registration and processing fees that the company used to charge clients which were usually `25,000 per vehicle at the time of signing documents.    The website advertised itself as helping those who couldn’t afford to buy vehicles. They would get  `9,000 or more per month as EMI, said the sources.

The above details are itself sufficient enough to show how police and system failed to catch the culprits beforehand. With the police failing to achieve a breakthrough in the alleged advertising scam by All Brand Promotions, most victims seem to have now given up all hopes of recovering their hard-earned money. Speaking to Herald, an aggrieved Avelino D’Souza (a victim) said, “We have lost hope of recovering the money from the fraudulent company and on the other side the police have also told us that there is no scope of tracing the culprits who duped many Goans in the name of advertising to a tune of Rs 1.25 crore”

According to the sources, the victims have started giving up their hope in this case and they have also stopped following up with the police. “Victims also have started to forget the entire chapter and have decided to let go the matter. In recent times we have not followed the status of the complaint with the police department. All the victims have lost complete hope of recovering the money,” said D’Souza adding that, “The company is accused of duping several people to the tune of Rs 1.25 crore and from the EOC, we came to know that all documents used by the company were fake.” 


This case shows the complete failure of the police EOC to trace the accused persons. Although after the scam came into the light police appeared to have swung into action but without any visible results. According to the sources, the two accused had been identified by EOC as Muzzamil Tajder, a native of Allahabad and Shabab Khan from Mumbai and accordingly Goa Police had also issued search notices to various other police stations across the country. Goa Police, with the help of Mumbai Police, had also traced the addresses of the accused as mentioned on their ID cards and they too turned out to be fake. Meanwhile, the Economic Offences Cell is yet to trace the persons involved in the alleged scam.


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