Bonderam Festival Creates Traffic Chaos on the Island due to lack of infrastructure

Complete Traffic Jam upto The Divar Ferry

BONDERAM the festival of the flags is the yearly event takes place at Divar Island on the fourth Saturday of the August month. Divar is located hardly 12KM away from capital city of Panaji and it is one of the most beautiful island of Goa with beautiful people. This year the festival will be celebrated on 22nd August 2015. The name of the festival Bonderam has been derived from ‘Bandeira’, the Portuguese word used for the flag. The story goes like this, during the Portuguese rule there were frequent disputes amongst the villagers on the Divar Island over the property issues and to avoid the frictions between villagers the Portuguese commanders introduced a system in which the flag has been put on the boundaries thereby demarking it.

Some pleasant moments at music festival image credits : Ryan Nogar FB Images
Some pleasant moments at music festival image credits : Ryan Nogar FB Images

Though the festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm and in a good spirit every year but the recent commercialization and lack of infrastructure has made the festival spirit go down. The music festival followed by the floats is the beginning of the commercialization of this traditional festival on this beautiful island.

Young crowd from all over Goa specially waits for this yearly event only to enjoy in the music festival and as the night falls their “SPIRIT” goes up. Hundreds of bottles get empty within no time and some of them are broken in the middle of roads, beer cans are spread across the streets. Our media is not against the music festival or the young generation of Goa, we feel concerned about the way entire things ensue.

The worst comes when the music ends and everyone wants to rush back home. There seems to be no proper arrangements to manage the enormous rowdy traffic. In fact this situation needs to be transformed as the island is connected only with the ferry and the roads are narrow, what one can expect from this specially on this festival day.


Police personals on duty cannot be blamed as nobody obeys them and they shoulder the huge responsibility of marinating the balance. Through this article we would like to convey the message that “Enjoy the spirit of the festival with gracefulness, let the tradition remain alive and make sure that your spirit of the festival is not consumed by the “SPIRIT” of the evil. Please do leave your comments on this article as meanwhile we are posting the video to keep your “Spirit” UP.

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