Bogda Vasco Murder Case Cracked by Goa Police, 39 year Old Neighbor Held

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Goa Police have managed to crack down the Bogda murder case which took place last week in which a 52 year old widow Rukmini Kanse, found in pool of blood in her rented house at Bogda, Vasco da Gama. The Marmagao police on Sunday arrested Gracy John Velho, 39, in connection with the murder of Rukmini Kanse. The police said that “the accused woman is a neighbor of the deceased, and killed Rukmini on a petty issue after having an altercation that was reported between her and the deceased on June 10. The accused has confessed to having committed the murder.”

According the police report Rukmini was into the money lending business and she also lend the money to the accused lady on interest and this murder is result of tussle between the two over the issue of repayment of money “the deceased was running a private money lending business and had lent Rs 10,000 to Gracy, which was supposed to be refunded with a monthly interest. The accused had refunded Rs 5,000 some days back and was supposed to refund the balance amount with an interest of Rs 250. As usual, the accused woman went to the rented house of the deceased in order to pay the interest of Rs 250 at around 10 a.m. on June 10. There she had an altercation with the deceased, and in a fit of rage killed Rukmini using a gas range grate.”

After the incident the accused escaped from the scene and went to the place where the niece of the deceased works on the pretext of refunding the inertest amount of Rs. 250/- “The accused was spotted by a person while she was trying to escape from the house of the deceased after committing the crime,” the police said adding based upon the clue from the informant; the mysterious murder case was cracked on Sunday. The police has also disclosed that accused has made a phone call to the deceased before the murder and the phone call played the major role in detection of the crime. “the accused woman had made a call on Rukmini’s cell phone before she was killed. The cell phone call played a major role in detecting the crime. The accused woman was supposed to steal the cell phone of the deceased in order to destroy the evidence; however, she mistakenly took the cell phone of her niece.”

Police said that the accused has confessed of having murdered the Rukmini after a short argument “She has confessed to having committed the murder of Rukmini during a long course of interrogation,” the police said. According to the police the accused has two children, a daughter and a son.


Though the murder case is solved but police did not manage get the stolen property of the deceased as yet. According to the police the investigation of the stolen gold ornaments is in progress. The case was successfully cracked in a very short time by the Mormugao police Led by PI Kapil Nayak with the help of Vasco police inspector Sagar Ekoskar and Verna PI Shailesh Narvekar under the proficient guidance of DYSP Lawrence D’Souza and SP, South, Shekhar Prabhudesai.


On 10th June 2015, 52 year old widow Rukmini Tanse was found dead at her rented resident in Bogda, Vasco, this was the 5th case of murder of women living alone in Vasco area. The murder was detected by the 23 year old Deepali Tanse, who returned from work. Rukmini was lying in the pool of blood with broken iron plate of the gas stove was lay by her side of the body. Based on this information police found the direction of the investigation, they immediately started the work of phone call trace and collecting the information from the neighbors.

Rukmani lost her husband 13 years ago and had been living at the Mormugao Port Trust’s quarters—since her husband had worked at MPT—for a while before shifting to rented premises. She moved to the Bogda house four years ago. Deepali was living with her since her own children were away from her.


8am: Deepali Tanse, 23, leaves for work

9am: Rukmani Tanse speaks to younger daughter, Suajata Naik, on the phone

12:45pm: Deepali returns to prepare lunch, finds aunt murdered; jewellery box found in bushes nearby, ornaments missing from body

Motive: Robbery main angle, but cops not ruling out that killer was known to deceased

Source: Various Sources

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