Blast in Cement Block Manufacturing Factory in Goa leaves 9 workers injured

Yet another case of negligence came into light when 9 workers of a cement block making factory were severely injured due to a blast at the plant. According to the reports, more than one dozen workers were present in the factory at the time the fire broke out. The incident took place at around 12.15 pm and led to a fire in the unit, they said.

There is no doubt that the incident happened due to some negligence on the part of the management of the cement block making factory, and the liabilities will be applicable on the owners of this unit.

In our country safety measures have been hardly practised and due to this many workers lost their lives in the past. Just two years back there was an accident on the New Mandovi Bridge wherein one welder lost his life while working inside the vertical tunnel 8 meters below the ground when the fire broke out.

Coming back to this incident, according to the NDTV reports, Nine workers were injured on


Saturday afternoon, three of them seriously, in a blast at a cement block manufacturing factory at Tuem Industrial Estate, 35 km away from Panaji, the police said. 

The incident took place around 12.15 pm and led to a fire in the unit, they said adding that over a dozen workers were present at that time.

Elaborating upon the incident, Pernem Police Inspector Sandesh Chodankar told ANI, “The incident took place at around 12 noon. More than a dozen workers were present at the spot. All three workers who were seriously injured in the blast have been taken to Goa Medical College and Hospital. A case will be filed against the owner and management of the factory” reported the Time Now News.

Soon after the blast, personnel of the Fire and Emergency Services rushed to the spot and extinguished the blaze. The exact cause of the blast could be known after State Factories and Boilers Department conducts an inquiry and submits a report, Mr Chodankar said.

The police officer said that the owner and the management of the factory could be booked for the offence of endangering human life.

Estimated loss due to the blast is reportedly Rs 25 lakh which includes damages to the factory, a car, a tempo and two bikes. An adjacent factory too has sustained some damages due to the blast, said the sources.

These kinds of accidents will stop only when the concerned authorities will carry out the regular checks on the factories that work under severe conditions and without any safety measures.

Image sources: Times Now News | Times of India

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