BJP Taking Goa towards Debt Trap Claims state Congress President

It is general practice to toss the criticism on the ruling party when sitting in the opposition, BJP has done it in the past and now congress is following their footsteps, finally nobody leads anywhere, except wasting time of the other by blaming each other. In the recent case of this blame game the Congress had accused the BJP-led government in Goa for dragging the state towards the trench of the debt. In the recently published news in local daily the congress has claimed that the BJP government is “window dressing” the budget to hide fiscal deficit and public account debts. The Congress had also claimed that they will soon publish a “white paper” to expose the BJP government’s transgressions of the Goan economy.

Congress state president Luizinho Faleiro claimed that he found the latest report of the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) on Goa which states that Goa’s public debt is touching to Rs. 13,900 crore, while the social expenditure has risen to 32% from usual 15%. According to him “Every child born in Goa now has a debt of Rs 93,000 on its head, not due to its parents but due to the BJP government“. Faleiro blamed BJP government for taking the loans irresponsibly, only to pay off old loans. He also alleged the government for raising the taxes sharply to burden the people of Goa.

According to Faleiro the increase in taxes was huge, commercial tax 12%, VAT/CST 9%, Entertainment Tax 20% and Luxury Tax 25%, even the gross domestic product of was gone to minus 2% from 15% earlier, “I am not an economist, nor am I an economic scientist. But after reading the RBI report on Goa’s economy, I think that the government’s policies and programmes are taking Goa to an economic disaster,” Faleiro said. He further claimed that the government was paying around Rs. 100 crore interest per month on borrowings, Rs. 300 crore per month on Salaries, Grants & Pensions and Rs. 65 crore per month on social security schemes, total amounting to Rs. 465 crore and same was not coming from revenue but from loans.

After paying such huge amount, the infrastructure in Goa did not improve. The roads are in poor shape. Referring to the construction of the third bridge over the Mandovi River, Faleiro questioned the wisdom in borrowing money to build a bridge on the National Highway 17, which was the responsibility of the national highway authority of India (NHAI) and not Goa government. Considering that the details furnished by Faleiro is correct and government is recklessly spending the money for unnecessary things then it surely raises the issue of very serious concern which may lead to the financial bankruptcy of the state and government needs to do something about it. Please do leave your comments and suggestions on this issue.


Source: TNN

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