BJP Leader Claims No Curb on Freedom of Expression – Police Arrests one for asking questions to Defence Minister

The BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu today told the media people that, there is no curb on the freedom of the expression in our country and people can express their feelings without any fear while on another side the Ponda police arrested one person under section 151 for asking the questions to the defence minister Manohar Parrikar who is presently playing the double role in Indian politics. Mr. Parrikar presently busy in promoting the local BJP party in the state day in and day out. If just asking the question make the person go behind the bars than what kind of freedom of speech Mr. Naidu was talking about?

All the political parties are leaving no stone unturned to lure the voters by their promises. Each and every party is offering something more lucrative than their counterparts. Some are ready to double the scheme amounts while others are offering the free petrol to students. The defense minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar straight away promised the people of Goa that Comunidade (government) land would be allotted free to the people who are presently dwelling over it illegally. The promises do not have any limits and it has been offered as if it is coming out of the pocket.

Meanwhile, the Congress did not remain behind in this race. The congress leaders have offered 5 liters of free petrol to the students every week. Going one step ahead the congress leader said that their party would do everything that BJP had promised in 2012 elections but not fulfilled the same. Gruha Aadhar Scheme which BJP started with Rs. 1000 has been raised by the AAP to Rs. 2000 and now Congress has raised the bet to Rs.5000.

Meanwhile coming back to the freedom of expression Mr. Naidu said that “There is a complete freedom of expression exists in our country. You can call the Prime Minister by any name. You can also call him Hitler and Mussolini, or write articles against him, and yet escape from any action being taken against you.” Mr. Naidu said that people should rememberer this while casting their votes in the favor of BJP. “People should remember all this and vote for a party, which guarantees total freedom of expression,” he added.

On the other side the person who was arrested by the Ponda police told the media that, he is the BJP member for almost decade and when Mr. Parrikar came for the corner meeting near San Baba temple he asked, “Why the state government had amended the tenancy law, which is causing a lot of hardship to people,” Naik told reporters. “While I was asking questions, policemen caught me and dragged me to the police station, where I was booked under Section 151. I was released today (Thursday afternoon) after all formalities were completed,” Naik added. Ponda police Inspector Sudesh Naik said Ramdas was arrested for trying to obstruct the meeting, attended by around 200 people.


The above is the classic example of the use of police machinery by the ruling party and the complete suppression of the freedom of expression in BJP-Raaj. If people of the state have to live under the fear of getting arrested for asking the questions to the politicians, then who will counter these politicians? how will the transparency and accountability remain in the democracy? People need to ask this question to themselves while making their choice this time. It is very important to exercise your voting power properly while electing your candidate.


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