BJP has laid strong foundation for good governance in Goa – Amit Shah

The visit of BJP party president Amit Shah created huge storm in the Goan political circle, everyone was waiting to shoot the bullets of the question towards Mr. Shah to make sure that he does not left with much to promote about the success of his present governance in Goa, but Mr. Shah seems to be prepared for this well in advance and he came out of the situation by safeguarding his party image in Goa.

Mr. Shah challenged the congress to point out at least one scam during the Narendra Modi government’s first year in the office. According to Mr. Shah his government has filled all the potholes created by the previous UPA government by laying the strong foundation for strong governance within this one year’s time. Mr. Shah was addressing the public rally at Azad Maidan in Panaji on Thursday 28th May 2015. Mr. Shah also claimed that his government will put the country at the top spot in the world within term of 5 years before they turn to their voters in 2019 to get re-elected.  “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has presented a new idea of ‘Team India’ that consists of the Prime Minister, the Union cabinet and the chief ministers of all the states,” said Shah pointing at the restructured federal relations between the Union and state governments.

Shooting a taunt at the earlier prime minister of India Manmohan Singh he said “The BJP has given this nation a speaking Prime Minister.” He further mentioned that his party has restored the institution of the prime minister in India in a contrast to the UPA government in which there was no clarity of the portfolio, whether it was Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi or Rahul.

The Chief Minister of Goa Laxmikant Parsekar has also reiterated the various schemes and programmes implemented by BJP-led coalition in the state. “All the schemes initiated by the BJP government have been implemented successfully and are benefitting the population of the state and none of these schemes will be stopped,” said Parsekar. BJP Goa president Vinay Tendulkar informed the crowd that the party had enrolled 4,02,000 members in Goa. Targeting the Congress over the issue of drug menace, he said, “During your governance, your own minister was alleged to have been involved in drugs and yet no raids were conducted, while our government is active and the ministry responds and conducts raids immediately.”


Source: Navhind Times

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