Amidst various speculations on who will form the next government in the state, the independents and regional parties are lobbying for supporting the BJP in the formation of next government in the state. According to the information available from reliable sources, the Goa Forward, MGP and three independent candidates have already extended their support in favour of the BJP in government. The letters in this regards have already been presented to the Governor.   

According to the sources, MGP has kept the condition before BJP for forming an alliance and based on that, MGP will support BJP only on the assurance that Mr. Parrikar comes back to Goa as CM and Mr. Dhavalikar is made the deputy CM of Goa. The sources close to the party has disclosed that Mr. Parrikar is planning his return back into the Goan politics and will also fight the election from Mapusa. Now the question is what will happen to the existing candidate from Mapusa? we will come back to this in a while.

Meanwhile, the support extended by GF has come as a surprise to many. There is a huge protest on the social media to the decision of GF joining the hands with BJP as the GF convenor Vijay Sardesai had told in the media while complaining about the party that, they are fighting for the “BJP MUKT SARKAR” in Goa and his U-turn on this issue is not well accepted by the people of Goa, said the sources.


It is the fact that BJP led by Shree Narendra Modi and Amit Shah swept the U P election with 323 seats in their kitty They also whitewashed Congress led by CM Harish Rawat in Uttarakhand with 57 seat surge of 31 seats. The storm was so heavy that CM Harish Rawat himself lost both his seats but their Charisma did not work in Goa and Manipur. In Manipur, the scenario is completely different where BJP had fought the polls along with LJP, NPF, and NPP but in Goa, it was not the case where BJP went alone on all the 40 seats but they did not get the mandate of people of Goa this time.

Despite the fact that people of Goa did not give the clear mandate this time to BJP, it is still planning on going ahead with the formation of government in the state with the help of the rivals like MGP and Goa Forward. It looks like the people were in the mood of giving the clear mandate this time to the Congress but due to the intervention of the regional politics and AAP congress votes got divided, claims the sources. In the state, both the national parties got a fractured mandate and BJP’s CM himself lost his seat from Mandrem constituency.   


Although according to the political analysts, In Goa BJP got a highest vote share of 33%, compared to its opponent Congress who received Vote Share of 28% while the newcomer AAP fell flat with 6% Vote Share zero seats. If you remember How Arvind Kejriwal claimed that he will win Goa with the majority. All these claims being endorsed by media fell flat. Congress managed to get 17 seats in Goa while BJP had to remain satisfied with only 13 seats, MGP which broke its alliance just 2 days before the Election got 3 seats this time compared to two in the last elections. Goa Forward, the arch rival of BJP maintained its 3 seats and Independent got 4 seats.

Now as per BJP’s gameplan, the MGP and GF along with two independent candidates will support them to form the government in the state. As per the existing seat sharing BJP 13 + MGP 3 + GF 3 + IND 2 makes it the dream 21 seats which are required to form the government in the state at the moment, claimed the sources. Although according to the sources, the arrangements have already been made and the same will be officially announced soon.

People of Goa are not happy with the above arrangements made by the BJP but that seems not making any much difference to them. The regional parties who fought the elections against BJP are now ready to become the part of it just to secure the power. The social media is a field with the protest to the new arrangements. As per the latest development, the defense minister Manohar Parrikar had resigned from the center and came back to Goa to take over as CM of Goa. Both the regional parties and all the independents have shown their support to BJP.

According to the sources, it was Congress who were supposed to make the government based on the mandate given by the people but the scoring went against them. The sources have revealed that the delay in taking the decision to on leadership made the Congress remain away from the power one more time.

Coming back to the fate of existing MLA of Mapusa, according to the sources, Mr. Francis D’souza will make way for Parrikar by way of resigning from the MLA position so that Mr. Parrikar can contest from Mapusa. Meanwhile, BJP has offered the position of MP to Mr. D’souza who might soon be going to Delhi to take over the higher responsibility, but this news is not yet confirmed by any authorities.      

Now that the formation of a government of the coalition is nearly finalised as the same has been endorsed by the independents and two regional parties in form or letter issue to the governor of Goa, showing their willingness to join hands with BJP to form the next government in Goa. According to the sources, the MGP supremo Sudin Dhavalikar has been offered Dy CM’s post by BJP and the remaining have either get the cabinet ministry or will be offered the chairmanship of any of the corporations in the state, said the sources. At the end people of Goa may or may not accept the formation of a government under such circumstances but who cares for the next five years? Please leave your valuable feedbacks here.

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