Birthday Celebration of Parrikar is organized by our well-wishers, says Parsekar

We will not be using any government machinery or the funds in the celebration of 60th birthday of Manohar Parrikar, the celebration is organized by the BJP and it’s well-wishers claimed Parsekar.

Slapping down, all the speculations related to the birthday celebration of the former CM of Goa Shri. Manohar Parrikar, Parsekar made it clear that government funds and machinery will not be used in the celebration of 60th birthday of Parrikar which is scheduled to be held at SAG ground in Campal on 13th December. More than 50 thousand people are expected to attend the function in Panaji.

The new development came into the light following the criticism from the opposition on the waste of government funds for the proposed celebration of the 60th birthday of former CM Manohar Parrikar in the state. Laxmikant Parsekar made it clear that no government funds will be utilized in the celebration. Parsekar also said that in case if BJP legislators feel, they could contribute their one day’s salary towards the relief and rehabilitation of the Chennai flood-affected people. These things came in the backdrop of the demand of the opposition to scrap the birthday and donate the money collected towards the Chennai flood relief.

Parsekar made a point that it is purely the public felicitation of Mr. Parrikar, which is organized by the BJP and it’s well-wishers. Mr. Parsekar is heading the 135 members organizing committee. According to the sources within the BJP party’s Goa unit over 50,000 guests expected to attend the 60th birthday of Mr. Parrikar on the 13th of December. The special guest list includes the Ministers in the NDA (National Democratic Alliance), all the cabinet ministers in the BJP-coalition government in Goa and top industrialists from the state.


The AICC (All India Congress Committee) secretary Girish Chodankar has accused the BJP-led government of allegedly mobilizing the government machinery to collect rupees 15 crores, which will be spent on the birthday bash at SAG ground at Panaji. Congress has also written the letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking his intervention to call off the proposed birthday party of Parrikar in the light of Chennai flood.

Parsekar pointed out that his government is well aware of the Chennai flood situation and it has already opened the bank account where the people who wish to donate the money may deposit the same in that account which will go towards the relief and rehabilitation of the flood affected people.

“All MLAs and ministers in my cabinet have pledged one day’s salary for the Chennai effort. We have also opened an account with the State Bank of India (35387615482) in which people can contribute,” Mr. Parsekar said. He also appealed the people of Goa to donate the money in the account instead of publishing the ads in the newspapers to honor Mr. Parrikar on his birthday.

Source: Various Sources

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