Bihar’s attempt to ban liquor will affect the states?

Bihar attempted to ban liquor which is actually a lesson to adopt, for other states in the country. It happened in Bihar as because there were three cases of death due to alcohol found in the state. But we can say that it at least forced the state government to extend the partial ban on country-liquor to Indian Made Foreign Liquor, or IMFL. The people who suffered the most due to this are those who were addicted to it. Dr. Patel, who is a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said that “Instead of adopting a public health approach as the rest of the world does, India’s political leaders are backing a failed policy to win votes.” Three deaths in the state at least made the Nitish Kumar’s government take action on the matter in Bihar, is it that other states are waiting for something like this to happen first? Anyways, let’s read this important report here.

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