Biggest sting operation!! Goa’s leading English newspaper marketing official caught in camera demanding 25 Lakh rupees from casino operators

This is one of the most shocking sting operations done by the local cable TV channel IN Goa according to which one of Goa’s leading English daily marketing official had been caught in the camera demanding rupees twenty-five lakh from the Casino operators to stop the negative publicity and promote the positive one. Read the complete report here. (Sting video is attached at the bottom)

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] This news is spreading like a fire giving out the shocking details of the press media involving in the extortion activities. One of the popular English daily’s marketing official was caught in the camera demanding rupees twenty-five lakh from the casino operator for stopping the negative publicity. The more shocking fact is this demand not one time but the recurring basis on per month per casino 25 lakh rupees. Presently there are only two casino operators in the state who operates offshore casinos in Goa.

According to the sources, the video of this sting operation was made by the casino operators and circulated to make sure that it gets viral through media. In the video that is gone viral on the social media shows the marketing official of the English newspaper sitting right in front of the casino operator and negotiating the deal on behalf of his senior.  The sources have claimed that due this kind of cheap practices the people are losing their faith on the news media.

In the video, the casino operator is seen talking to the senior marketing official who is demanding rupees twenty-five lakh per month per casino. “How much do you want per month? Twenty-five lakh per month per casino?,” Casino operator seen saying in the video.

Presently Casino is supposed to be the only mean of generating the revenue for the government that is presently going through the major financial crunch due to the slag in the mining business. But due to the opposition from the various social activists and NGOs, the business of casino is facing criticism from the people of Goa. The said English newspaper is in the process of extracting the money of casino operators on the assurance of stopping the negative publicity in the media.


Take a Look at the videos here



(video courtesy INGoa News)


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