Betul Beach

Betul is one of the most important fishing ports where all the mechanized boats and deep sea trawlers bring in their catch. Here headlands from the slopes of the Western Ghats protrude into the shore giving it an imposing backdrop. Beyond this secluded beach is the hill of Cabo De Rama where the Portuguese have built a fort. From the fort a great view of the sunset on the beach can be viewed. There are very few places to stay in Betul. Betul beach is a small beach amongst the beaches of Goa and is situated along the southern end of the River Sal. It is a picturesque beach with silvery sand which is shaded by fruit trees and coconut palms. The secluded Betul beach is known as the fishing beach of Goa and is very famous for its cool climate. A number of tourists visit this beach to enjoy their fishing in Goa as the fishing port situated here is well advanced. A number of deep sea trawlers and fishing boats also bring in their catch here.

Betul beach is also a famous beach of south Goa known for its cheap and fresh seafood supply. It is renowned for Goa’s finest and largest mussels, ensnared and hauled to the banks by deft divers. One will even find a nice restaurant that serves delicious river fish dishes. A number of people enjoy evenings at the Betul beach and one can often see youngsters and women here who come together for a small chat. There are boats on hire and regular ferries here that take you across from Mobor. One can also visit the Canaguinim beach that is situated to the south.

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Betul Beach is located at the southern end of the Sal River which flows through the south of Goa. This beach is basically a cove; it has a hillock on one side, laced with coconut tree plantation on the other and you will be able to see where the Sal River drains out into the vast Arabian Sea.


A lovely fishing beach, Betul Beach remains hidden from outside, making it incredibly pretty and secluded. Not even a kilometer long, the Betul Beach is devoid of any commercial distractions

Beyond the beach, you can always visit the fort of Cabo de Rama or travel up to the Bamboo House Goa Hotel, which offers scrumptious Goan fish. Even if you are not staying there, you can always hang around the property to enjoy one of the most fabulous sunsets in Goa. Betul Beach is one of the beautiful and virgin beaches of South Goa which is located on the estuary of the river Sal which meets the Arabian Sea near Betul. This secluded beach is popular as a fishing beach and locales as well as tourists are seen indulging in the activity. A number of deep sea trawlers and fishing boats are also sighted here. Known for mussels, some of Goa’s largest and finest mussels are to be spotted on this beach. The place is unspoiled and you can actually watch the fisherfolk with their families and observe their lifestyle, peaceful and unassuming.

Although the vast Indian ocean lends its elegance on a calm morning to the coastline of Goa, this elegance gets accented by the beauty of the rivers that meander its way through the state. The Sal River is one such river which crosses Goa and meets the Arabian Sea near Betul, in Salcette taluka. At betul the river forms an estuary starting from the mouth of the ocean upto ‘Carmona, Chinchinim’.

Moreover betul beach, a stretch of silvery sand, offers total privacy, and breathtaking views. The sea breeze keeps the climate pleasant for almost the entire year. The village of Betul, is largely inhabited by the local fisherfolk community. As the traditional occupation of the village is fishing, you will find plenty of seafood and at much cheaper prices. In fact many tourist visit the beach to be a part of the early morning fishing activity. Betul also has a small fishing jetty and a number of deep sea trawlers and canoes land their catch here.You must never leave Betul without savouring the local South Goan traditional cuisine. The delicacy served here are the batter fried mussels, the butter garlic fried squids and the hot and spicy sardine curry.

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