Betrayed by Congress, the Fatorda MLA calls it as ‘B’ team of BJP

As the political battle is getting more heated up in the state the allegations and counter allegations are pouring in from all the sides. Every stakeholder blaming another party and in this race, nobody has remained behind. According to the sources, the Fatorda MLA who was anticipating the support of Congress initially for alliance and later on for seat sharing is now calling it as “B” party of BJP. Mr. Vijay Sardesai, the sitting MLA of Fatorda constituency has expressed the same in the media.

According to the sources, the Fatorda MLA and the mentor of Goa Forward regional political party Mr. Vijay Sardesai have blamed the congress leader Digvijay Singh for their back out in the last moment from the mutual understanding he was contemplating with the party in the forthcoming assembly polls. Mr. Sardesai also addressed the ‘Congress’ as the “B” party of the BJP in the state.

Mr. Sardesai also targeted the Congress candidate in Fatorda Constituency who is counting on the vote bank of ST community which is the major vote bank in the Fatorda constituency at the moment. According to Mr. Sardesai, the ST community is the original Goan. he went one step ahead by calling it the ‘DNA’ of Govenkar. According to Mr. Sardesai, the ‘DNA’ of the real Govenkar is their commitment. He also claimed that the ST community of Fatorda is with him.

“The ST community of Fatorda is our priority today,” said Mr. Sardesai adding that “The agenda of Goa Forward has always remained as the regional politics and we believe in Goa  First.” According to Mr. Sardesai, the Goa first means the person of Goan Origin who belongs to Goa (means ST community). He said that the Fatorda will show this to rest of the Goa as a model development of Goans.

He did not stop here. He went one step ahead by giving an example of Bible calling the betrayers as Sinners. “The Goan ST Community, who is the real Goan knows one thing that “Betrayers are Sinners”. According to me, this is the Cardinal Sin. (Cardinal Sin in Christian traditions means any one of the seven sins) The backstabbing is considered in the Bible as Cardinal Sin,” he said.


While calling the act of local Congress leader (name not mentioned but you can guess) as Cardinal Sin Mr. Sardesai directly targeted the Congress party for leaving him out from the alliance and filing the candidature against him the Fatorda Constituency. “People of Fatorda knows who has done this sin and the people of Goa will soon expose that person. They will defeat that person in the forthcoming elections,” he said.

Mr. Sardesai showed complete confidence in winning the forthcoming election from Fatorda. “If the Congress party can do this to me, than consider the fate of the common man of Goa. Whatever Congress has done in Fatorda it is done to benefit the BJP,” Said Mr. Sardesai blaming the Congress for importing the candidate in Saligao constituency to protect the interest of BJP there too. The way congress has distributed the tickets, there is no doubt to find out who is the “B” team of BJP. I don’t want to go much deeper into this since my principal target is BJP at the moment and it will remain forever,” he said.

By calling the Congress as the ‘B’ team of BJP Mr. Sardesai has directly targeted them. It may be recalled that Fatorda MLA was once looking out for the alliance with the Congress and he went up to Delhi to get that support. Does the recent comment of Fatorda MLA on Congress party and their seniors leaders in Goa and national means the end of his relationship with congress? (No answer at the moment). Whatever may be the answer but presently one thing is sure that Fatorda will have at least three-sided battle this time and who will win the seat remains the mystery at the moment.


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