We are in today’s world connected with each other through new technologies coming in. But these technologies are also taking us away from our near and dear ones. Same way the family fights between husband and wife is a common thing and at least something not to get worried about. But this story is something different. In one such incident, a Bengaluru woman in a fit of anger slashed her husband’s fingers for checking her mobile phone. It’s quite serious and yet amusing too as to how she can do this to her husband. The incident took place in the IT capital of the nation recently. Read this news here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] A woman was so much frustrated on her techie husband for checking her phone that she slashed his fingers with a kitchen knife. The complaints have been lodged by both of them against each other. Police have now summoned their parents for a patch-up.

Though the incident took place in their apartment in Kaikondanahalli near HSR Layout, a locality favored by IT professionals in Bengaluru on May 4, it came to light lately when the victim lodged a complaint with the police, asking for protection from his wife.

The couple, Sunitha Singh and Chandraprakash Singh is basically from Bihar and have been married for last 7 years. They had shifted to the city 3yrs ago and working for different IT firms. Sunitha had quit the job some days back and used to be at home only.

This is what exactly happened as per the complaint lodged. As per Chandraprakash, his wife is addicted to her mobile phone which led to frequent clashes between them. When he returned from office on May 4 around 11 pm, he came to know that dinner was not ready. When he asked her about it, she told him that she had ordered for food online and that it would be delivered any moment. Even all this while she was busy with her phone. Seeing this, Husband allegedly abused her for it.

This then led to a war of words and Chandraprakash snatched the phone and started checking her messages. Sunitha then tried to take it back but couldn’t. Enraged, Sunitha went into the kitchen where Chandraprakash slapped her. Sunitha took a knife and allegedly attacked her husband; in this, she slashed his fingers.

Chandraprakash threw her phone there and ran out of the apartment. He then visited a nearby hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

Bengaluru Police said, “There are severe injury marks on Chandra Prakash’s right-hand fingers. We have registered a case and a probe is on”.

Police added, “This is a domestic case. They are free to pursue cases against each other. But we are summoning their parents to ascertain whether this dispute can be resolved amicably.”




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