Walk into this boutique and you’ll feel like you’ve reached shopaholics’ paradise! From umbrellas, parasols and bags to hair accessories, shoes and clothes, this store has everything under the sun to jazz up your wardrobe. What’s more, all these pieces are one of their kind, so you can be rest assured that you won’t see anyone else wearing the same bejewelled hairband or trendy skirt. With designer brands from all over India and the world, you’re sure going to be spoilt for choice here.

Bebel, a quaint little boutique tucked away in the scenic surroundings of Goan capital Panaji, is the latest hotspot for accessories lovers. The store is turning out to be a runaway hit among tourists and locals alike. Bebel stores a diverse collection of fashion accessories – from Italian bags, clutches, handmade belts to interesting Tuscan umbrellas, hats, designer scarves by Abraham & Thakore and an exclusive range of costume jewellery.


Launched in November 2008, Bebel is the brainchild of Isabel Hernandez Lelli (Bebel to her friends) who moved to Goa three years ago with her husband. The spirited owner chooses pieces from major trade shows across Paris, Milan, Madrid and Barcelona. Lelli likes her customers to feel unique and stocks pieces that are one of a kind.


The store houses creations from award-winning international designers like Giugiu’di Angela Caputi, Atellier de Montsalvy, Croxe’, Cat-B, Laura di Magio, Pasotti Ombrelli, Nanni Milano, Capogiro Firenze. If you’re someone who has a keen eye for everything fashionable, Bebel is sure to woo you with its haute picks. So next time you holiday in Goa, pepper the experience with some exclusive and luxurious shopping.

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