Babush surrenders before police, victim tested positive for rape

Finally, Babush Monserrate, accused of buying and raping the teenager (Minor) from Nepal, surrendered this afternoon in front of crime branch situated at Raibandar. Later he was formally arrested by the crime branch police. The news of Babush Monserrate being charged for allegedly raping a girl who was working in his store will now surely open new links of this Controversial Goa legislator after his arrest. This case is under crime branch and Babush was charged for buying a young Nepalese girl and raping her a few weeks ago. Read this report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] The victim reportedly identified the accused and the medical reports have also come out positive which proves that the girl was raped said the police sources. Police had given him the time till 7 pm today to surrender before them but Babush appeared much earlier with the full gang of supporters and his wife who is also the MLA of Talegao constituency.

Mr. Monserrate, who was expelled by the Congress and is now an independent legislator, has been charged with human trafficking and rape in a police case. As reported by NDTV, Sources in Goa have told that Babush , has been booked for human trafficking and he had denied the accusations , stating that the teen who has complained against him used to work in his shop and was fired for stealing.

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A 16yr old girl from Nepal had explained the police how she was sold to him by her stepmother and a woman whom she referred to as “aunty”.


The teen has told a committee that deals with protecting children, “The next morning I woke up without my clothes, covered in blood, he was sitting without his clothes on.”

As said by the victim she was fooled by her stepmother by saying she was going to meet Babush Monserrate for work and also asked her to “dress properly”.

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Police have revealed that the stepmother of the victim is possibly being arrested soon. The victim is at present staying at a government-run home for children. As said by the police she will be requested to testify for a judge with all the privacy and precautions which normally used for under-age victims.


Source: Various Sources


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