Babush Monserratte May Get Cabinet Berth As Goa CM Planning Reshuffle Before Assembly Election 2022

Babush Moserrate
Babush Moserrate

Taleigao heavyweight and former congressman Babush Monseratte entered into BJP without any expectations of cabinet berth for the first time in his political career, but how long? now it seems the day has come when he will be rewarded for his sacrifices by giving the suitable position in the Goa Cabinet. 

According to the reports, while the assembly elections are on the horizon and the CCP polls will be taking place anytime soon, Goa CM has decided to do some minor reshuffle in his cabinet apparently making some space for Mr. Monseratte. 

BJP sources said the move comes after Monserrate showed “keen interest” in joining the cabinet and had approached Sawant to induct him before the CCP elections. 

Meanwhile, the reports suggest that Mr. Monseratte may replace his wife who is holding the position of IT and revenue ministry in the Sawant Cabinet, although it is not yet clear if Mr. Monseratte will be content with that or there will the CM do reshuffle in the portfolios to keep him happy.  

“Sawant decides to induct Monserrate into his cabinet, he would replace Taleigao MLA and wife Jennifer, who was made a minister at the last minute in July 2019 when 10 rebel Congress MLAs joined BJP.” 

However, when the media spoke to Babush he denied demanding any portfolios in the cabinet. “I have never asked for a cabinet berth, nor am I interested in joining the cabinet. Even if they call me to join the cabinet, I will not,” he told TOI. But senior BJP functionaries confirmed to TOI that Monserrate had indeed approached Sawant seeking a cabinet berth.

As he is known in his entire political career, Babush had played a major role in the cabinet reshuffle in 2019, when he along with the 10 Congress MLA went joining BJP increasing the strength of Sawant led the government to 27 in the 40 member assembly in Goa and that also gave enough strength to Dr. Pramod Sawant to drop the Goa Forward MLAs from the cabinet.  

“If there is cabinet reshuffle, it will be done before the CCP election so that Monserrate and the BJP panel can win all 30 seats,” a senior BJP functionary said. TOI had earlier reported that Monserrate said he would try to win all the 30 seats. 

Meanwhile, this move is said to be a part of the masterplan of Babush to win the next assembly election from Panaji constituency, and according to the sources, that is only possible if he becomes the cabinet minister before the election. 

“Monserrate thinks that if he became a minister, it would be easy to convince people that he can do a lot for Panaji,” said the sources in BJP 

There is also a possibility of dropping some non-performing minster from the cabinet and replace them with Mr Monseratte, but these are all speculations until the day comes when Babush will take over the cabinet berth. What are your views? Will Babush take up the ministry in Sawant Cabinet, or he will stick to his words of not accepting it?  

With the inputs from the Times of India

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