Babush Monseratte is floating a new political party?

Based on the available information from the reliable sources, Taleigao heavyweight, and St. Cruz MLA Babush Monseratte who is presently not affiliated with any political party in Goa is in process of forming his own political party before the forthcoming assembly polls. What plans does he have? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]Babush Monseratte is a well-known personality in Goa. His political power and ability to influence the people are well known in the constituencies he represents directly as well as indirectly. After his expulsion from the Congress due to so-called anti-party activities, he became the part of UGDP (United Goans Democratic Party).

After entering into UGDP Babush started working on the political agenda and made the announcements of contesting 40 seats across Goa in the 2017 polls but due to the sexual harassment charges alleged on him by a minor girl he gave up the idea of remaining with UGDP.

Earlier Babush became the part of Mahagathabandhan with the other independent MLAs such as Rohan Khaunte, Vijay Sardesai, and Naresh Sawal but now it looks like as if he has given up the idea of the same. In his statement to the media, Babush denied being a part of Mahagathabandhan but he did not rule out the association with the like-minded peoples in Goa.

“I am not the part of UGDPO anymore. I am in process of forming a new political party. According to my knowledge, the papers in this regards will be cleared by the election commission to form a new party soon,” said Babush adding that “According to me the like minded people should come together but I would not like to call it Mahagathabandhan since that word itself does not appeal to me. But if you want to throw the BJP out of power the like minded people should come together.”


When media people asked him about the earlier agenda of becoming part of Mahagathabandhan he preferred to remain silent over it. The reporters asked him about the possibility of defeating the BJP at the present situation he said that “Everything is possible. According to me in the last moment, you cannot give up the hope. In this world, you always live on hope.”

Babush is not denying being the part of any alliance for throwing the ruling government out of the power. According to Babush he is exploring all the possible avenues to get along with the like-minded people. “We are presently working on the game plan and just wait for this Ganesh festival to get over soon everything will come out in the open,” he said.

According to the sources in the media, Babush is finding it difficult to deal with UGDP and NCP and that is why he resorted to the last available option and that is forming his own political party in the state. Presently there are many new and old regional parties are in the election ring and all are having only one agenda that is to throw the existing government out of power. But nobody knows what will happen next once they become successful in their plan. There is no single regional party that has the capacity to fight alone with the BJP and AAP will have the upper hand in this.

The unity amongst the various regional and independent parties is next to impossible due to the differences in their ideologies. Each party has its own agenda and own leader. The voters seek for the stability in the government which presently only BJP is claiming to offer. But the high level of corruption in BJP has turned many people down that are unlikely to vote them. In such situation, only strong option remains open before the Goan voters and that is AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) who is presently promising the sky to the Goan voters.

It is very difficult to find out as how the regional parties are going to play the game. Will they come out as a winner or they will be the source of dividing the votes? While everyone is busy in blowing their own trumpet let’s take a break and find out who will be the winner. Goa Prism will soon be launching the survey in this regards in case you wish to be a part of it please do write in to us at [email protected]

Source: Various sources       


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