Babush Monseratte finally files his bail application before children’s court

The most controversial rape case will take a new turn on Monday when the bail application of Babush Monseratte will be heard by the Children’s court. Babush Monseratte has filed the bail application before the children’s court today. Babush waited for the 8 days and finally filed the application for bail. What prompted him to file the application and what are the defenses Babush has taken in his bail application? Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Based on the available information from the reliable sources, St. Cruz MLA, Babush Monseratte has filed a bail application before the Children’s court in the alleged rape case. Babush has been produced before the magistrate for remand on three occasions and it may be recalled that his counsel had told the media that he will not be applying for the bail till the investigation gets over.

But breaking that barrier finally Babush decided to file a bail application before the court. According to the sources, the application will be heard on Monday.

Based on the available information, in his bail application Babush had relied on the point of a political conspiracy against him. According to him, his opponents feel that he is a threat to them in the forthcoming elections. Without taking the names he stated that he has a political foe in the ruling party.

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According to the sources, Babsuh has mentioned the following points in his argument in the bail application filed before the children’s court.

  1. My opponents have played the very dirty game on me keeping in the mind the forthcoming assembly election. They have falsely implicated me into this case with the motive of keeping me away from my people.
  2. I am completely innocent and this is nothing but a political conspiracy against me.
  3. That girl was working at my shop since 16th February and in a way to help her I provided her an employment. She was introduced to me in the month of February by her mother.
  4. After her mother requested me, I told my manager of Miramar store to give her a job at the shop.
  5. She started working at my Miramar shop from 16th February 2016 as a sales girl.
  6. But within just two days on the 18th February, she robbed 3000 rupees from the cash counter and I immediately sacked her from the job.
  7. The girl had sent SMS to two of her friends in which she had confessed to stealing the money from the shop.
  8. She had vowed to teach me a lesson for removing her from the job.
  9. According to girl’s statement, she claims to have been raped on 6th and 8th March but on both the days I was busy with the CCP election work.
  10. According to me, this girl has been instigated by my political rivals to implicate me in this false case.
  11. There is no substance in the allegation of drugging and raping this girl and it is completely false and malicious.
  12. The investigation agency is also trying to incriminate me into this case.

The hearing on the application filed by Babush will on Monday at the children’s court. Meanwhile, the ossification report of the victim girl has been declared by the GMC doctors and it has been proved that the girl is minor. The test was done to ascertain her real age since both the certificates submitted by her were having wrong dates mention on it.

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According to the sources, the ossification test will be useful for the investigation agency while filing the charge sheet in this case. Babsuh is facing the serious charges of buying a minor girl and sexually exploiting her by giving her sedatives in the soft drink.

Babush Monseratte and two more accused facing the case of rape and child trafficking. All three accused are in the police custody at present and they will be produced before the court on 16th May 2016 for further remand by the crime branch of Goa who is presently investigating this matter.

On Monday, the picture will get clearer. We will keep you updated with the latest development of this case as it happens meanwhile, you can leave your valuable comments on this issue.

Source: various sources   


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