Babush Monseratte to contest election from Panaji while his son Rohit from St. Cruz Constituency


Based on the information available from the reliable sources, the Taleigao strongman, and St. Cruz constituency MLA, Babush Monseratte has decided to content the 2017 poll from Panaji constituency. Babush has been always waiting for this opportunity but due to untold reasons he backed out many times, but this time Babush is coming with the bang to win in Panaji seat with his newly formed United Goan party. Read the complete report here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]According to the sources, the Taleigao strongman and St. Cruz MLA, Babush Monseratte has finally decided to lock the horns with ruling BJP party by contesting in the fortress of saffron party in Goa. Mr. Manohar Parrikar was an invincible candidate of Panaji due to his charisma spread in the constituency but now since he is not there and people have already shown the BJP the backdoor by making the Babush Panel victorious in the Municipal election, perhaps makes Babush feel more confident about winning 2017 from the capital city of Goa.

The sources have also revealed that Babush is in process of launching his son Rohit Monseratte from the St. Cruz constituency on the ticket of his newly formed political party “United Goan” (UG). Babush also has plans to content the Taleigao and St. Andre with planting the strong contenders, this time, said the sources.

Although the information of Rohit contesting from the St. Cruz constituency is authentic but the sources close to Monseratte couple have said that they will seek for the positive support for from the people of the constituency before making the final decision in this regards.

It may be recalled that Babush who has been sacked from congress after he has been found involved in the anti-party activity, was in process of joining the Goa Forward and UGDP (United Goans Democratic Front) but due to untold reasons he did not settle for the same and decided to float his own political party at the end.

When media contacted the St. Cruz MLA in regards to his plans of launching his son into the political arena he said that, although he has plans to launch his son into the politics but the final decision in this regards will be taken only after the consultation with the party members and the people of constituency. It may be recalled that Babush had contested from St. Cruz constituency after handing over the his fortress Taleigao to his wife Jennifer Monseratte and now he may be planning to play the similar game once again by shifting himself to Panaji while planting son into St. Cruz.

Babush told the media that he is a process of getting his political party “United Goan” registered with the election commission and has already submitted the documents to them and very soon the new political party will be announced. He also said that this time he has made his decision to contest from Panaji and his decision will not change for any reason.

Meanwhile, there are speculations in the media that, Jennifer Monserrate may resign from congress party once her own political party has been launched. She said that “the process of the registration of a new political party is underway and soon we will have our own party and the next election will be contested under the banner of same.”

There are various political changes have been taking place in the state of Goa and soon the picture will be clearer as who will be on which side. BJP is also getting geared up to save their fortress. Let’s wait and watch this game of Politics in Goa. Meanwhile, if you wish to leave your comments on this issue please go ahead.

Source: Various sources     



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