Babush Monseratte Case: A fresh statement of the victim girl weakens the case even more?

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According to the sources, continuous contradictions in the statement of the rape victim involving the Taleigao strongman Babush Monseratte has led to a lot of confusion to the cops investigating the alleged rape case. According to the cops, the fresh statement of the victim girl recorded by them pertaining to the alleged incident has stern contrast with her previous version. Why does the victim girl keep changing her statement? Is she confused, pressurized or she is confusing the investigation? Let’s have a look at the complete story here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the previous statement recorded by the cops of the victim girl in the alleged rape case involving the St. Cruz legislator and Taleigao heavyweight politician Babush Monseratte, had stated that she was sold by her mother to the Babush for rupees 50 lakhs and the deal was facilitated by another lady Rosy Ferrao, Later she was drugged by Babush at his Taleigao farm house and subsequently raped by Mr. Monseratte and the entire incident took place between 6 to 8 March 2016.

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But according to the cops, the new statement of the girl has contradictions to her previous statement. The cops are saying that the victim girl is now mentioning the different dates of the incident. According to them, the victim has even told them that she was angry with her mother due to a lot of restrictions imposed by the mother on her. According to the girl her mother was against her lifestyle.

According to the sources, the new development has put the investigation officers in the dilemma. They had recorded her statement few days back and in that fresh statement, she has not mentioned anything about the transaction of money Rs. 50 Lakh. The sources have revealed that the new statement has been recorded due to a lot of contradictions in her previous statements and other loopholes in this case.

The sources have also revealed that earlier the girl had mentioned the dates of the incident as 6th and 8th March but now she has mentioned some other dates.  The girl is now saying that she was angry with her mother since her mother was against her unconventional behavior and that her previous statement before the police was the result of her anger on her mother. She now apparently told the police that it was the Rosy who had informed her that her mother sold her to Babush for Rs. 50 Lakh.

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It may be recalled that police had registered an FIR based on the facts disclosed by the victim in her first statement and subsequently her supplementary statements were recorded. Later, statements were also recorded before JMFC Panaji under CrPC 164. However, there was no consonance in her statements and in her CrPC 164 statement; the victim had not mentioned about Rs 50 lakh.

The Children’s Court had on May 18 granted conditional bail to Babush and the other two accused, the victim’s mother and Rosy Ferros. According to sources, police are unlikely to challenge the order of the court. However, the investigation will continue and the charge sheet will be filed as per the offenses based on which the FIR was registered.

It may be recalled that the bail was granted virtually tearing apart the prosecution case wherein acting judge of the Children’s Court, Pramod Kamat, in the order had observed that “the investigation so far carried out is tainted, polluted and fragile in nature and as such, there is no justification to allow the applicants (accused) to continue in  the police custody.” The judge had also observed that the investigating authority had failed to disclose a prima facie case against the accused or reasonable grounds to detain them or any one of them in custody.

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The offense was registered on May 4 on the basis of statements given by the victim in the presence of child welfare committee. The FIR was registered at Panaji police station and subsequently transferred to Panaji women’s police station. Babush had surrendered before the Crime Branch on May 5 and he was formally arrested thereafter.

Presently Babush is out on the Bail and police is not in the mood to challenge his bail. The charge sheet will be filed soon by them and the trial will start. Most you may have your own speculations of the final result of this case. What according to you will happen in the end? Will Babush come out clean from this case? What will happen to victim girl? Please leave your comments on this.

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  1. This was suppose to be happening or it may be going the same way it was meant to be purhaps. only time will tell. i only pray that let the truth previal.

  2. Well well well what’s all this? Children’s court,accident victims, poor under age accident victims ……. All these are tell tale signs of conspiracy against celebrities and well known personalities. Looks to me like the case of extortion . If the victim is really in the wrong then the victim should be dumped in a remand home or solitary confinement for such people don’t deserve any sympathy according to me


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