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Rajan Narayan is an Indian journalist residing in Goa. He is the current editor of the Goan Observer, and formerly edited the Herald, a newspaper formerly known as O Heraldo between 1983 and 2003. Narayan was the first editor of the Herald (O Heraldo), when the paper was converted, on October 10, 1983, from being the "last Portuguese daily in India" to an English-language broadsheet. In 2003, he left the Herald, amidst some acrimony, and set up a weekly English-newspaper called the Goan Observer which is published by his wife, journalist Tara Narayan on behalf of the Goan Observer Private Limited at La Campala Colony in Panaji. In his earlier years, Narayan was based in Mumbai, the Indian commercial capital 600 kilometres north of Goa, where he worked in advertising, and for publications that included the Onlooker, Imprint[disambiguation needed] and The Financial Express.

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59-Year-Old Man from Raia Dies in Road Accident as Maharashtra Bound...

There seems to be no respite from road accidents in Goa. Another road accident claims the life of a 59-Year-Old man from Curca Raia. The road leading towards Vasco from Sancoale has become an accident-prone zone due to the increase in traffic and rash driving.   

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