An Early Assembly Polls Predicted by the Goa Cabinet Minister, Citing That The Coalition Govt. Is Not in Good Health

BJP came to the power once again this time with the support of Goa Forward and MGP, and apparently, both started pulling the government from either side, making its survival difficult. We are not saying this but, it has been averred by the Urban Development Minister Mr. Francis D’souza. According to him, the possibility of an early election in Goa could not be ruled out since the coalition is not working out the way it was expected….

As restored by PTI, The senior Senior BJP leader and state Urban Development Minister,  Francis D’Souza on Wednesday predicted the possibility of early assembly polls in Goa. Speaking to reporters, D’Souza said, “There could be a possibility of early assembly election and such a situation cannot be ruled out in Goa. Even Vice President Venkaiah Naidu had told us that Goa should go for polls in 2019 along with Lok Sabha. This itself is a hint,” he said.

According to the reports, Mr. D’souza had mentioned that there are too many pulls and pressure from either side and in such condition, it is very difficult for the coalition to last long. “It is difficult for a coalition government to last long. An alliance always comes with adjustments and compromises. So it’s better to end and have our own government,” he commented.

The statement of Mr. D’souza came soon after the Goa Forward rally in the south Goa on Tuesday to commemorate the Opinion Poll Day, wherein the Goa Forward Party (GFP) leaders Vijai Sardesai and Jayesh Salgaoncar criticized the BJP for ignoring such an important day in the past. The two leaders had also asserted that they would not mind pulling out of the current government if it (government) compromised on the issue of “Goenkarponn” (Goanness).

Meanwhile, when the media contacted the GFP leader Vijai Sardesai regarding his so-called statement, he said that his statements during the Opinion Poll Day should not be “politically misinterpreted”. “I am not to be blamed if my statement was politically misinterpreted. I was clear in my views. I had said Goanness which is our unique identity should be protected,” he stated.               


He added that the GFP was demanding that a statue of Dr. Jack Sequeira be installed at Assembly Complex. “There is a strong demand to install his statue in the Assembly complex and I am pressing for it. It is part of Goenkarponn. If it is not met I am ready to come out of the government and be just as MLA or not even an MLA,” he said. Sardesai added that it did not mean he was asking for early polls.

In the meanwhile, opposing the demand of Goa Forward to an installation of the statue of Jack de Sequeira, another coalition partner, the MGP (Maharastrawadi Gomantak Party) Leader, Mr. Sudin Dhavalikar said that they will not allow the installation of the statue. “It is not just Sequeira, but several other leaders had fought to keep Goa as a separate entity. There is no need for the statue,” MGP leader and Transport Minister Sudin Dhavalikar told reporters today.

The Manohar Parrikar-led BJP Government was formed in the month of March last year after the GFP, MGP and three Independents lent support to the BJP. But the situation had come to such a state that there is no guaranty as how long this coalition will last with such kind of temperament. What is your Opinion (Poll) on this? Do you think that the assembly polls will take place early? Do you agree with such kind of thing which will put an additional burden on the Treasury? Please share your views on this serious issue.



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