Assamese Living in Goa Opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act said it is not Suitable for Their State

Nationwide protest for the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) is underway and northeast states are more severely opposing it due to the impact of the CAA on their state. There are hundreds of Assamese lives in Goa for the purpose of employment and they are protesting the implementation of CAA saying it is not suitable for their state.

This is perhaps the first protest against the implementation of CAA in Goa as Goa is presently run by the ruling party Government and most of the states protesting the Act are not having BJP Government in their states.

According to the reports, the Assam Society of Goa held a peaceful protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, (CAA) at Azad Maidan in Panaji on Monday. This is the second anti-CAA protest here after the massive protest held three days ago.   

“There is a lot of unrest in Assam. The CAA is not suitable for us. What we wanted was an action against the refugees, but instead, the Indian government is imposing a law that is not in our interest. The government must focus on education and women’s safety in Assam instead of implementing the CAA,” president of the society, Deepak Borah, said.


The protestors also paid respect to all the people who were killed in the Anti-CAA movement in the Assam by lighting incense sticks in their respect.

They also sang songs in their native tongue while artist Kamal Borah painted a portrait on his canvas. “This is our way of having a peaceful protest — with music and art,” he said.    

“We are the people who had voted for BJP so that they bring in a bright future, but the party is trying to divide the nation. Even Congress, which was in power prior to them, failed to keep the country united. The public must not be inconvenienced irrespective of who is in the seat of power,” one of the protesters, Sankar Kalita said.

Meanwhile, there was a mixed response to the protest in Goa. Some have approved of while others said that they don’t want any kind of trouble in the peaceful state of Goa as Assamese are here for the sake of employment and they are not the resident of Goa. What is your view on this issue?

Source: TOI | Navhind Times 

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