Arguing with Cops and Threatening them has become a Regular Affair in Goa

Perhaps Goa may be the only place in the country where even a layman threatens the cops. Shouting at traffic police and taking their videos have become very common in the state the extremity was attained when the locals have forced to stop the traffic sentinel run by the Goa Traffic Police.

While some people threaten the cops with their own capacity the others manage to show their links with the politicians to get away with the fine. Here is the story of a person who went to tell the police that he is OSD of the Chief Minister while he was stopped by the traffic police for riding the bike without a helmet.   

It has been brought to light that very often people with political influence argue and threaten traffic officials who are discharging their duties.  In a recent video that is going viral on the social media one Arjun Parab, calling himself an OSD to the Chief Minister (although he did not disclose the name of CM) is seen not only violating but threatening the officer on duty.


Arjun Parab, the so-called officer on special duty (OSD) to the Chief Minister was seen pulling rank on a traffic officer who stopped him to check his license. Unbeknown to him, a video that taped the incident is now going viral on social media. 

Accordingly, as shown in the Goa Decide Facebook page, Parab was stopped by the traffic officer as he was not wearing a helmet and asked to submit his license.  The question is being asked is that is there is any rule if is OSD means he need not heed traffic rules or be fined and challaned.

As per the Motor Vehicles Act Police have to take people who are flouting traffic rules to the task, their designations or connections notwithstanding.

In another incident sometime back, as reported in Prudent Media, siolim based hotelier Satish Tamhankar threatened a police officer when he was stopped for dangerous driving and use of tinted glasses on his vehicle.  Stating that he was well acquainted with the CM’s Under Secretary, he threatened to take action against the cop within 15 days, for giving him a challan of Rs.100.

Several such instances come to light regularly.  According to the Economic Times, Director General of Police Muktesh Chander categorically stated that “If a traffic officer is prosecuting a traffic offender, it does not matter whether he is a foreigner or whether he is a tourist or whether he is a local Goan, there is no question of harassment.” 

“People should obey traffic rules. That is all. Nobody will harass them,” Chander said, adding that if there were specific complaints of harassment, then the police would be willing to look into them. 

In 2018, according to the Times of India, the late Chief Minister had stated that arguing with a police officer could cause one to be charged with obstruction. He had pointed out how people were increasingly arguing with the police. He had authorized police to be ‘strict’ if someone starts arguing.  This was done in a bid to crack down on traffic violations to improve road safety.

Traffic sentinels introduced with this aspect in mind have also been facing the brunt of people, particularly with those in power or political connections wh believe they are above the law. 

Perhaps a law needs to be made to chastise these people first.

Source: The Better India | YouTube

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