Another Setback to BJP, after Parsekar now Naik has decided to work against the Party

Mr. Naik is addressing the huge crowd of a party workers in a meeting held at Shiroda on Sunday.

The game of politics is getting more complicated for the BJP coalition government, and more and more loyal party workers have started revolting against their own party. The trend started by Parsekar has followed by many including former Shiroda BJP MLA Mahadev Naik who is apparently returned from the USA and preparing to work against the party.

It may be recalled that Mr. Mahadev Naik was the mouthpiece of BJP during his tenure as the legislature but the defeat in the last assembly election resulted into diminishing his value into the eyes of senior leaders so much so that they did not take him into the confidence before taking the Congress MLA into the party.    

According to the report published by national daily the Times of India Mahadev Naik has shown his disapproval to the induction of Congress MLA Subhash Shirodkar into the party without consulting him.

Mr. Naik who is two-time BJP legislature from Shiroda defeating Subhash Shirodkar twice had shown his discontent over the move of BJP senior leaders without taking him into the confidence. “I am not very happy with the induction of Shirodkar into BJP, they should have taken me into the confidence before taking such a decision,” he told the media.


According to the internal sources, Naik has taken the decision to work against BJP in the forthcoming by polls but he will be meeting his party workers on Sunday to take their approval for the same. “BJP did not ask any Karyakarta (party worker) before taking Shirodkar into the party. We will meet on Sunday and decide the future course of action,” he said.

The former party men said that BJP does trust the party workers and that is why the induction of Shirodkar was discussed only with two people.

Naik gave clear indication that he will contest the election against Shirodkar saying “Once you are in politics, you have contested the elections.”

The politics in the state has gone to its lowest level leaving all the ethics and principals of the bay. The politicians have only one motto and that is, ruling at any cost. The exit of Shirodkar and Sopte from Congress to join the BJP, to whom they have criticized to win the elections has become highly condemnable.

It is not the question of legal consequences that may take place later on but, it is all about the trust that voters have laid upon these legislatures which they have broken into the pieces. People of Goa will never forgive them.

Goa Prism had conducted a poll on social media, and it indicates that BJP will not win both the constituencies but, then the question is why BJP took such a drastic step? It is difficult to believe that they were not aware of the consequences. There is an existence of a bigger game which only they are aware of. If you have any idea about the same, please do share it with us.

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