Another Case of Assault on a Cop In Goa, This Time a 55-Year-Old Man Abused and Assaulted a Traffic Police in Bicholim

The recent case of assault and abuse on Cops at South Goa has become more controversial with the alleged accused lawyer blaming the police officer for abusing and assaulting him while he is innocent and did nothing wrong. Now the new case of abuse on assault on the cops came into the light at Bicholim situated in North Goa. It looks like the people of Goa do not have left any fear of the cops who most of the time do their duties.

Assaulting of police personnel, traffic cops seem to have become the order of the day in Goa. The latest is an incident which took place in Nanora-Bicholim, where a 55-year-old man from Kanolarwada, has been arrested on the charges of assaulting and abusing a traffic PSI Putulo Gad and Constable Ujwal Halarnkar.

This incident took place on Sunday and a complaint was filed by Bicholim Traffic PI Vijay Rane at Bicholim Police Station. In a complaint, it is stated that the accused Santosh Kudchirkar, abused and assaulted Traffic PSI Putulo Gad and Constable Ujwal Halarnkar when they stopped him while he was on his way from Bicholim to Nanora. Santosh was proceeding on his two-wheeler, (GA-04-K-7896) and wasn’t wearing a helmet.

As per sources, the police asked for his documents and they claimed that the accused became furious and began abusing the police. The police realized that Santosh was under the influence of alcohol and they conducted an Alcometer test and claimed that Santosh was heavily drunk.

Goa Traffic Police Checking with the Alcometer for Alcohol consumption

They later told the accused to go and get his vehicle documents as well as the license in order to collect his motorbike.

The police claimed that the accused continued to abuse them even after he came back with the documents. 

The verbal spat between the parties led to Santosh assaulting the officer who alleged that the accused grabbed the officer’s uniform and badge, broke his nameplate as well as punched him on the chest. The accused was also said to have picked up a large stone in order to strike the PSI.

However, police constable Halarnkar and another person present managed to subdue the accused.

The traffic team then went to the Bicholim Police Station and lodged a complaint. 

Following the complaint, the Bicholim Police arrested the suspect and are investigating the matter.

Source: The Goan

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