Annoyed with BJP & Congress, Independent MLA’s in Mood of forming third front

Very soon Goa may have a third political front, a new regional political party coming into existence due to complete failure of BJP and lethargic nature of Congress due to which they lost so badly in the last assembly election. According to the news published by the local daily “The failure of BJP-led coalition government to provide good governance and inability of Congress to act like a strong opposition and their failure to address the issues has prompted some legislator specially independent MLAs to come together to explore the possibility of forming a regional outfit”. Three independent MLA’s of Goa, Vijay Sardesai, Rohan Kahunte and Naresh Sawal told the local daily that It is a right time to form a new regional front that will work for the betterment of the people of Goa and will protest the interests of Goans and their identity and offer them an alternative by forming an regional dynastic party against the two national parties which are not performing.

According to these legislators Congress had done enough damage to this state and the BJP which subsequently came to power promising the better governance but soon started taking U turns and performed miserably and finally came into the category of Congress. The MLA’s think that there is strong need of the new regional party because the national parties such as Congress and BJP were unable to understand and solve the problems of the local Goans. They were unable to take the positive decisions on the key issues pertaining to the interest of the Goans and the main reason behind this is the poor communication of centre with the grassroots level leaders.

The legislators believe that the new front will be in better position to take up the issues of Goans and its focus will on generating the employment for goans and getting the investment to the state. They also claims to create the “Brand Goa” by involving the stakeholders and the focus will on retaining the identity of Goa and maintaining the transparency in public administration. The main motto of the new party will be “Goa First” and the idea of forming a new political front will also go down well with the younger generation. “Time has come to save Goa and the focus of the new outfit should have regional outlook (on the lines of the regional parties in South Indian states) and local presence,” they said.

Vijay Sardesai who is an elected member of the Fatorda constituency is suppose to be the mastermind behind this new regional front, says that the new regional party will have the solutions to the problems that have been generated by the national parties in all these years. According to him the new party will also have the retirement age for their members and legislators, until this happens the bright youngsters would never get a chance to enter politics. Sardesai further mentioned that he is completely against the family raj advocated means to weed out the age-old practice of virasat politics. He said that the new front will have a statute prohibiting dynasty rule.


The porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte has denied the plans to join new front saying that he is an independent legislator and “Has no immediate plans to join third front”. “But I believe there is a need for a new alternative,” he said. He also added that the Congress has failed as an effective opposition party in the house and BJP has performed miserably as a ruling party, therefore a need of alternative political party “We need fresh and young minds to come up to save Goenkarponn,” he said.

The Bicholim MLA also tuned into the same saying that there is a need of third front or alternative to BJP and Congress, the Goan have seen both parties failing miserably  “I feel a regional outfit could be a fitting solution to the problems faced by the Goans. Though I am not part of any group as of now I would decide on the issue as and when the time come but will definitely take my voters into confidence before taking any decision,” he said.

The MLAs who are in process of forming another party and alternative to the existing dilemma but do you think that origination of new front will solve the problems of the Goa and Goans? They will not fail? How they will be better than the existing system? Finally the people who will join to this new front might be from the existing system, According to you what is the best alternative? A new front or Change in existing system? Please do share your comments, suggestions and ideas on this issue.

Article Source: Navhind Times

Original Author: ABDUL RAUF BEIG

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