Angiya – a traditional Indian concept bra brought to you by Priyanka Thakran

Angiya is a conversion of modern day bra into the olden day’s Indian lingerie. The concept is developed by a Mumbai-based entrepreneur, producer and director Priyanka Thakran who feels that modern bra is not comfortable at all for women. According to her, an Angiya is comfortable yet sexy lingerie with make in India treatment.

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Priyanka is a Mumbai-based film director and producer who has a been a part of movie ‘RUSH’ that  she recently completed the production featuring Imran Hashmi and Sagarika Ghatge. When I asked her as why she decided to enter into the sector that is away from her core business she replied saying, “I have worked as a film producer and occasionally directed ad films and feature films for close to 20 years. As a film producer and director, you have to overlook all aspects and all departments that work cohesively together to create the end product, namely the film. One of these departments is “Costumes”. So I wouldn’t say I have deviated too far from what I was doing earlier. In fact, if anything with this endeavor I am choosing to have my full focus on only what would have been one of many departments I would be spearheading.”

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]When I asked Priyanka will this amount into going against the current fashion trend that follows Victoria’s secret which is popular amongst the youngsters as well as grownups alike, she deferred my statement saying, “If people are not comfortable with the way a woman’s breasts are, that’s their problem. Comfort and health win over their opinions. I have been wearing a bra since I was twelve years old.  And the conventional bra whether Indian or Western is extremely uncomfortable for daily wear.   I occasionally pick up handmade bras or the more comfortable bralette if I come across them, but that’s rare.  I decided to then try and stitch my own bras inspired by the Angiya worn by my grandmothers and great-grandmothers.  The Angiya bra has been created for women like me who want comfort and freedom in their choice of clothing but also want fashion for their innerwear.  We will have 15 distinct designs in our first collection in organic cotton in various colors and patterns.”

According to Priyanka, there is a big market existing for the Angiyas, not alone in India but across the world. “As a woman, if your bra is not comfortable then really it’s a nightmare to get through your day. I am giving women the option of comfortable bras in organic cotton in a fun and interesting patterns and colors and designs.  So yes, I think there is a market for the Angiya Bra not only in Mumbai but everywhere in the world,” claimed Priyanka.


According to Priyanka, her traditional Angiya Concept will surely be accepted by the news generation woman who presently feels more comfortable using the modern bra based on the Victoria’s secret. “For girls who want a Victoria’s Secret bra, those are already there.  You can go to a VS  or la Senza and pick one up anytime.  We are not trying nor do we want to compete with these brands.  But we are offering you what these other brands do not offer you.  Firstly, I already mentioned higher comfort due to the non-usage of metals, underwires, or other constrictive materials.  Second, is higher purity.  Since its organic cotton, the fabric will be much softer.  We are doing 3 different weaves and 8-10 different patterns for this first collection.  For example, I’m creating a very soft mal in African/tribal print. However, every season we will be working with different themes to create new and innovative bras in new and innovative color schemes,” said Priyanka.

According to Priyanka, she has a plan to set-up an Angiya unit in Goa soon since Goa is the India’s modern day cultural hub and bra being an international product, Goa will have more potential buyers for her product range. “For India, Goa is a modern day cultural hub.  There is a great music scene and art scene not to mention various other scenes.  Goa is home to various artists along with tourists and visitors not only from India but across the world.   So, just as the Angiya Bra is an international product, Goa is an international destination,” says Priyanka.

Priyanka is presently getting her concept funded by the crowd funding and she also appealed to anyone and everyone who believes in her concept to help her by contributing to her venture. “Currently, we are crowdfunding this project.   Please contribute and help us make this campaign a success.  We need to raise 30lakhs in 60 days.  And Wishberry is a win or lose platform, which means if we don’t meet our target you get your money back.  With the funds raised I will be completing my first collection,” said Priyanka.

According to Priyanka, Angiyas are extremely practical options to the existing modern days Bra due to no use of plastic straps and metal clips into it. “It’s extremely practical.  We have to remember that as women our breasts are attached to our body and will not roll away when set free.  No two breasts are alike, each is unique and beautiful.  The Angiya Bra is for the woman who doesn’t want contraptions to change the natural shape and fall of her breasts.  We don’t believe you should be harnessing your breast in any way.  As you age the breast changes shape and falls differently.  Some people call it sagging.  But that sagging breast in its natural state is certainly more beautiful than putting it in a metal girder and then propelling it up, and literally twisting it out of context,” says Priyanka.

Priyanka also feels that her Brand is more fashionable and functional and that why she named her company brand as FUFA. “FUFA stands for functional fashion.  This means that we are a brand that believes that function and fashion go hand in hand.  The Angiya Bra is high in fashion and comfort, and is, therefore, more functional,” she explained.

According to Priyanka, there is a big journey to be completed and this is just the beginning of that. She also ruled out any fear of an early introduction into erotica saying “Breasts are functional. It’s funny how the world looks at something meant for babies.”  Priyanka will be selling the Angiya’s online as well as in the boutique she is planning to open in Goa soon.

Still not sure if your convinced? Then listen to what Benedicte has to say about our organic cotton bras.

Posted by Priyanka Thakran on Thursday, March 3, 2016


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