Anganwadis in Goa lack Basic Facilities and Infrastructure required for the growth of Children

The Primary education plays a vital role in the development of a child and to make sure that the children from below poverty level get proper education and nourishment, the Goa government has implemented the Anganwadis across the state to make sure that every child gets his right to education and proper nourishment, but the people running these Anganwadis became selfish and all the problems commenced. Here is a detailed report on this issue. 

According to the reports, Government has come up with a lot of schemes in the past about educating children, sanitation and preparing the children for the future. Anganwadis was one such initiative taken up. They are child care centers that imparted education and nutritious food to children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.

Their main aim was to eradicate malnutrition among children and impart education. Goa has around 1,263 Anganwadi centers, of which more than 450 are run from rented premises and around 750 in community halls and school premises provided by the government. However, it is extremely disappointing to see that these centers lack basic facilities and space needed for growing children.

About 60% of the Anganwadi centers operate in rented premises while the rest operate on government buildings and community halls. The conditions that children need to face in the rented houses are pathetic. They lack basic sanitation facilities and the children need to sit in the cramped room filled with food stock. It is indeed an irony that the government promotes hygiene and sanitation among the citizens but the children under their initiative are living under such conditions that they do not have a proper place to defecate.

The prevailing condition of Angandawadis in Goa

The place lacks proper lighting and space. Children have to adjust in small rooms with food grains provided, taking most of the place but it is to be noted that even the cooking is done in the same room. This is very dangerous for children. The growing children do not have the place to play around. These kinds of conditions, in no way, help the children grow. The lack of these basic facilities, infrastructure and even less pay for the accommodation has pushed the Aaganwadis to such a detrimental condition.

In many cases, there are no drinking water facilities for the children. There are many repairs yet to be undertaken on the premises and with the government paying such a small amount of rent, these centers have lost all hope. The government is aware of these conditions but still has chosen to turn a blind eye towards these issues. In the month of July, the government had announced to take proper steps to construct buildings for these centers. However, no such initiative has been yet taken up.

Observing all this, and with the up-coming of private schools, villagers have decided to send their kids to private schools. Private schools have been on the rise around the rural and urban areas, and parents feel their children would do much better in one as they have standard facilities and proper education. The staffs of the Anganwadis have admitted decreasing in the number of students attending the center. If this continues then there might be chances of shutting down of the Anganwadis.

Children and youth of this generation are the backbones of the society. They must be provided with the necessary facilities for a proper and healthy upbringing. The main duty of these centers was to nourish and nurture the underprivileged children to carve them into the future citizens of the country. But it turns out that these kids are raised with a lack of basic human needs, proper education, and activities. What do you think? Should the Government shut down these centers instead operating them for the sake of it? Or what measures can they undertake to ensure the needs of these kids are met?

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