Located at a distance of 31 kms from the capital city of Goa, Panaji, the Alorna fort is on the banks of the Chapora river. Dated back to the 17th century, this Alorna Fort is said to be built by Bhansales of Sawantwadi. The fort is built with high defense mechanisms and to withstand the invasions by the Marathas from the north. It was captured by Marquis of Castello Novo who was later knows as Marquis of Alnora. The fort was in his possession till 1746, then it was captured by Dom Frederico Guilherme de Souza and then it came to the possession of the Portugese in 1781. There were 4 gun barracks and only 2 can be seen. The Alorna fort is in ruined condition but the scenic beauty enroute and also from the fort is breath taking. One can see fields and mountains alone from the fort. There is only one building inside the fort and no other inhabitants near by though there is a local panchayat.

Alorna Fort is 10kms away from the NH17 and so it have to be reached only by road. Cabs and taxis can be hired from the airport and railway stations. From there, one can get a good view of the surrounding river and land. The fort is currently in ruins and filled with wild vegetation. Facing Sal river in front and green paddy fields from Menkurem side. Good for water sports and eco tourism. Most of the trees grown in the region are banana. Even though the fort is included in the list of protected monuments identified by the state government, the Directorate of Archives and Archaeology has not taken any concrete steps to protect it.

Varad Sabnis, a lecturer of archaeology from Panaji, said, “It is a fort which reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice made by the custodian of the fort Gomaji Sawant, who died while fighting a battle against Marquis of Castello. It had four guns.”

Alorna Fort

The last remains of a chapel that might have existed can be observed as the only building left standing. There is a deep well to its left. The two watchtowers in the front corners are intact, but those at the back have disappeared. The battlements, used to haul canon, are still visible and well preserved.

Although the fort has a rich diverse history, it lies in a dilapidated condition today. However it is a good place to explore the old structure and enjoy the view of the scenic Chapora River.

As Goa is famous for its serene endless beaches, In a very remote and sparsely inhabited area of Pernem lies a small, charming and abandoned Alorna fort. It is an exceptionally scenic location overlooking a peaceful Chapora river. This was not always the case as a ferocious battle between Sawantwadi and Portuguese forces was waged here in 1746.Today, Alorna reveals nothing of its violent past. It is one of the quietest, remote, idyllic and peaceful places in Goa. What is perhaps most surprising is that that there is not even the slightest trace of a town ever having been here. There are only one or two scattered huts nearby.

The nearest road is a few kilometers away. Once inside the fort, from the ramparts, only fields and mountains are visible in the distance. The fort is well preserved, although there is an abundance of wild vegetation inside.

The Alorna fort is a famous site in Goa situated in Alorna which is a small village just 30 kilometers from a town Mapusa. Village Alorna comes under the taluka Pernem. The NH 17 is just ten kilometers from Alorna village.  If you have landed in the capital city of Goa that is Panaji  then also you can easily reach fort Alorna by hiring a car taxi or bus because it is not very far from here either. You need to travel only 31 kilometers to reach Alorna from Panaji. Thus the location is easy to find and reach from different places.


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