After the gay marriages, it’s time for the polyamorous marriage getting legalized


The world is changing rapidly in every aspect and with that, the terms of the relationship are also changing. The long-awaited gay and lesbian marriages have been finally legalized by many countries in the world. But this is not the end of it. According to the available information, there is a new kind of relationship taking roots in the western society and that is known as ‘polyamorous’ or ‘polyfamily’ relationships. Many of you might have heard this term the first time. What is this new relationship is all about? Let’s check out some more details here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] This article was published by the Daily Mail with the assertion that the ‘polyfamily’ kind of relationship has started emerging and many people prefer to be that way. It is not the gay relationship but it is the pure heterosexual activity in which more than two people from the opposite sex comes together and decides to stay in an open relationship with each other. Its bit complicated but the following story will make the term easier and clear.

According to the sources, a group of polyamorous lovers has lifted the lid on their unconventional relationships in a video that aimed to highlight what it’s like to have multiple partners. According to the US-based Josh, Sarah, Alyssa and Mary Ashley, the polyamorous marriages need to be legalized. They are already a part of ‘polyfamily’ and according to them it really works, they manage to handle all the aspects of the said relationships including the jealousy.

The above story was promoted by OpenMinded  an online dating site for couples seeking open relationships. “We dated a few girls and then we met Alyssa and she took a liking to both of us right away and naturally to polyamoury,” said Josh. “Then we met Mary Ashley, who introduced herself as being polyamorous. It was probably one of the only times I haven’t had to explain what that means,” he added. Sarah, who was Josh’s first girlfriend out of the three, said, “It’s been that way ever since, we’ve started picking up beautiful additions along the way. And how could I possibly complain?”

Perhaps for others, it may be difficult to accept the thought of their romantic partner getting intimate with someone else but for these lovers, it is just a part of their life. In fact, the three says that they find jealous feelings even easier to deal with when their partner is seeing multiple people. “Once you take away the monogamous expectations, all these little problems go away those dissolve marriages. Once you realize that the fairytale story is not the only story than so many worlds open up for you,” says Sarah.

According to Mary, the relationships without the marriage are amazing provided that there is no room for the jealousy in it. According to Sarah, the jealousy is originated from the feeling of owning someone, this where the real problem lays in.

It is not necessary that their relationships are instantly accepted by their relatives. That is why despite group’s harmonious relationships, they still face a stiff opposition from their relatives. “My family sees it more as a mental illness than a relationship, Sarah says. “They’ll usually come down on, “Okay well it’s cool that you do that but I would never do that” and then they stop hanging out with you. So we find more and more that we’re more discrete about it because we don’t want to lose friends with everyone we meet because they don’t agree with our lifestyle,” she added.

According to Mary Ashley, when polyamorous marriages will become legalized, people will learn to accept the lifestyle. “For me having come to Massachusetts and seeing gay marriage first legalized there and across the country now, it seems to have legitimized that lifestyle. Even if none of us ever see ourselves all getting married, legalizing some form of marriage for polyamorous couples would legitimize it across the nations and make it okay,” she said.

According to Ayssa, the things will finally move into the right direction, it’s only the matter of time. [/su_expand]


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Source: Daily Mail



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