Afghan Student Stabbed in Broad Daylight by a Group of Men Near Goa University Campus

This is not the first attack on foreign students in the state of Goa but this time the attack took place right near the Goa University campus on an Afghani Student who is pursuing his M.Com at Goa University. Police have managed to arrest one culprit while the 24-year-old student is fighting for life at a private hospital in Dona Paula. 
Goa is going from bad to worse with the cases of attacks, abduction, abatement and harassments growing in the state days by day. Here, in this case, a 24-year-old Afgan student Mathihulla Aria, whiz is perusing his M.Com at Goa University’s Goa Business School was stabbed in a broad daylight near the University Campus situated at Dona Paula, Goa.
The student was admitted into the nearby private hospital with serious wounds and he is in ICU struggling to survive. The attackers are on run but Goa Police managed to arrest one of the attackers
Panaji Police have arrested Satish Nilkanthe, a Maharashtra resident, for allegedly stabbing the student, the official told news agency Press Trust of India. The complaint of the attack was lodged in Panaji police by Rahul Tripathi, the director of foreign students at the Goa University, he told PTI.
“The reason behind the assault is not known. We are interrogating the accused,” the official said. The accused has been booked under Indian Penal Code Section 326 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means), he said. The search was on for three other accused who are on the run, he added.

The above incident has raised a question mark on the safety and security of the foreign students in the state and this also displays the lack of law and order in the state. Some semi-political groups calling it JNU like situation but that is not the case as the situation at JNU was completely different wherein the gang had entered inside the campus with weapons while this attack was outside the campus and targeting an individual.
The fair investigation will only bring the truth out meanwhile there is no point in falling prey to the rumours which might lead to creating fear amongst the other students. As a responsible media, we do not support any sort of rumours.
State Congress president Mr Girish Chodankar had condemned the attack on the student calling it ‘tarnished the image of Goa, While talking to Media he said that the poison spread by state-sponsored actions is provoking the youth to resort to such acts. “Day in and day out, hatred is being spread, because of which such attacks happen. The police should properly investigate the case,” Chodankar said.
As mentioned earlier this is not the first case of an attack on the foreign student in Goa. In the month of September last year, two foreign students were assaulted by the suspected locals in Quepem. The report in this regard was published in Goa Prism. The Quepem Police have booked a non-cognizable offence against the unknown culprits, who the police assume are locals. As per police sources, On Tuesday, the two students were walking to their rooms when they were accosted by two people on a bike, near the Amona road junction.

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