Administration in Goa’s BJP Govt. prevented SBI from taking possession of Mallya’s bungalow claimed SBI chief


In one of the sensational disclosure made by SBI chief Arundhati Bhattacharya in NDTV’s ‘Walk The Talk show,’ it has come to the light that, the administration under Goa’s BJP government had prevented the SBI bank from taking possession of liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s assets in Goa.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] According to the news published by Jantaka Reporter Vijay Mallya, liquor baron and owner of grounded airline business are presently facing the 7000 crore default case filed by various banks in India against him. Reportedly he also owns the bungalow in Goa close to the capital city of Panaji (In Candolim, near Vivanta by Taj) which was kept as security towards the various loans taken by him from different banks in India. According to a statement was given by Ms. Bhattacharya to the NDTV channel in Walk The Talk show (that was broadcasted on 11 the March) District magistrate who is IAS officer had refused to execute the High Court’s order to take the possession of Mallya’s bungalow in Goa.

According to her, SBI tried to take the possession of Mallya’s villa in Goa following the order issued by the high court but it did not happen in reality. “We had been trying to get the possession of (Vijay Mallya’s) Goa villa. And in spite of the fact that the High Court had passed an order that it should be done in three months, the order, when given to the collector ( to execute), the collector, in turned, held eight hearings and then went on leave hence we couldn’t get the order (executed). Normally the collectors are supposed to take possession without a hearing. But this person had eight hearings,” said Ms. Bhattacharya without disclosing the name.

Bhattacharya also said that the lenders had approached the Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, who advised the banks not to approach the highest court (Supreme Court) and instead approach the Debt Recovery Tribunal, which ‘didn’t give any relief’ to banks. “Next day we went to the High Court. The High Court once again sent us back to the DRT. But the DRT again did not give us the relief we are asking for. We wanted his assets under oath,” she said.

According to Ms. Bhattacharya, the assets under oath means, one has to declare everything that he or she owns and the same has given to the bank towards the personal guarantee. Bhattacharya explained that banks usually ask for a personal guarantee to ensure that, in the event, the businesses went in distress and the clients still expected banks to advance the payment, their declared assets could be used to offset any future losses.

According to Bhattacharya, the bankers are like family doctors who always ready to help business in distress. “Just like when the patient is in pain we don’t send them to the crematorium. We put them in the hospital and try and resuscitate,” she added. She was also aggrieved that the CBI and the public lender had not worked in collaboration while taking corrective action against Mallya. She said, “Today it appears that (both the CBI and the SBI) are adversaries. We are not. We are on the same side of the table. If we can collaborate, we can ensure that the crimes do come down.”

Although Vijay Mallya has recently settled a deal with Diageo  for 550 crores but he has been instructed by the supreme court to not to leave the country without settling all the debts pending against his name in India. But despite the Supreme Court order and lookout notice Mallya managed to leave the country. Although later Mallya twitted that he is not absconding and he will cooperate in the investigation.

This kind of thing is possible only in India. The businessman and political parties nexus are not the new things at all, people have witnessed it earlier. It does not matter which party rules the state or center, the modus operandi of all the political party is same. They seem to believe in JIYO AUR JINE DO (LIVE AND LET LIVE) please do not forget to leave your honest comments on this issue.

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